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09/23/14 05:03 PM #31    


Sylvia Brenner (Levine)

Hi Sandy,

Steve sent me an e-mail saying he is fine. 

It was great seeing you at the reunion. 

Sylvia Brenner Levine


09/24/14 11:14 AM #32    

Richard Findlay

The photos from Saturday night won't be posted for another week to ten days according to the photograher.

09/24/14 11:17 AM #33    

Richard Findlay

Photographer. Boy I still can't spell.

09/24/14 02:44 PM #34    


Barry Schwartz

Since we know he's  OK, we can now affirm that it appears Steve Boymel, instead of making a grand entrance, prefers a memorable exit.

Steve and the Committee did what I have always thought was impossible - they organized a social event I thoroughly enjoyed.   I believe Steve Levin, Mark Torreano,  my wife Kathy, and I were the last to  leave.  As we walked to our cars the "J" turned out the lights in the parking we HAD to leave.

It felt like the curtain closing after a wonderful play.  Too bad we  couldn't give the  committee a standing "O."

And, once again, thanks to Mark Torreano for Friday's WHS tour, history lesson, pizza party, football game (we won!) and the Silver Spring House gathering, which was like being back in our senior year eating lunch and talking about everything...and, sadly, no girls.


09/24/14 03:34 PM #35    


Sylvia Brenner (Levine)


You still have a terrific sense of humor. I enjoyed chatting with you at the reunion. 


09/24/14 04:02 PM #36    


Barry Schwartz


It was great reconnecting with you, also.  I had no idea you felt the same way about Mrs. Newburger (I hope that's a misspelling, just to get even) and math teacher Davis.  Do  you think Davis would turn off the radio when they played "Jingle  Bells" at Christmas?


09/24/14 04:18 PM #37    


Sylvia Brenner (Levine)


I think I see a comedy routine developing here. Also, do you know how hard it was for me  to keep from laughing during dinner seated with Wanda Lunsford? I loved being with Betzy Bo but had to behave myself due to Ms L.   Ruth Fox Sudman was at the same table and we were also in health class together.  The memories are priceless! 





09/25/14 11:54 AM #38    

Heather Foland (Greene)

Thanks to the hard working people who made this a highlight.  You did good!

Seriously, I danced my feet off, dislocated my hip from dancing, and my eyes are dried up from pretending I don't wear glasses.  What fun!  It was all worth it to see you.


Heather Foland

09/25/14 02:17 PM #39    


Mary Lou Humphries (Clark)

The pictures are great.  As I looked at all of you that attended, it brought back so many memories of our Woodward days and even after 50 years, it was amazing how many people were easy to identify!    It looks like a fanatastic time was had by all, sorry I missed it.

09/27/14 06:18 PM #40    


Barry Schwartz


I've been looking at the pictures on the site.  I've never been to a party where everyone is either smiling or  talking.   And the blue and white balloons were just right.

The only way I've been able to "capture" the pictures is using the SCREEN SHOT feature on my computer.  It's cumbersome but effective.  Is there another way to "get" the picures?


09/29/14 10:43 AM #41    


Nancy Mungovan (Moore)

Thanks Barry, if I can remember how to do that on a Mac, I'll try it.  Have had no luck dragging photos into iPhoto.  The photos are only available for a year.  Might be a downside to having everything online - I still have the little albums made at the previous reunions & look at them occasionally.

09/30/14 03:26 PM #42    


Lois Simon (Hertzman)

If you figure out how to capture the photos on a MAC, please post how.   I would love to have some of them.

09/30/14 03:51 PM #43    

David Jenike

for mac click on the picture you want--put the cursor on left top edge of picture then push shift-command and number four at same time --hold left click and move mouse to right and then down placing the picture in the box-- let mouse go--picture should appear on desktop-- double click picture on desktop- click share icon and click on save to iphoto. 

09/30/14 04:15 PM #44    


Stephen Levin


10/01/14 12:05 AM #45    


Barry Schwartz


Always remember:  EVERYTHING is on the net.  Google "screenshot mac" and it's all there.  Google "largest turtle" and it's all there.  Google "68" in the "urban dictionary" and ...never mind.


10/01/14 12:18 AM #46    


Barry Schwartz

I'm having a great time capturing and naming everyone in the pictures.  It's a little bit like reading all of your posts to each other on this site.  I guess I'm a bit of an eavesdropper.  Before you capture a picture, be sure to click on it to make it BIG.  The photographer's pictures are very clear.  It's even possible to read the name on the tags when you enlarge the pictures once they're on your desktop.

10/01/14 01:32 PM #47    


Steven Zaret

Would you repeat that Dave?

10/01/14 03:43 PM #48    


Lois Simon (Hertzman)


THANK YOU!!!!   I can now actually add the photos to my iphotos.  I have had a MAC for a year, but still have a lot to learn. I can capture the photos; now I need to figure out how to label them all.

10/01/14 03:48 PM #49    


Susan Needles (Unger)

What about on an iPad ? I'd love to enlarge them enough to read name tags. 

10/04/15 07:58 AM #50    

Elizabeth Tamura (Breyer)

A special thanks to Mark Torreano and Barry Schwartz for organizing this wonderful PAVER DEDICATION weekend. I believe a good time was had by all despite bone chilling rain and wind. If ayone gets sick,blame Mark since he wouldn't let us leave until we had been introduced at half time. 

On a serious note, to those who could not attend, we missed you. To those of you who came, thank you for spanning the distance not only of miles but of years. High School was not always a memorable event for many but time has tempered us all.  It was wonderful to share memories and to renew old friendships and make new ones. 




10/05/15 01:41 PM #51    


Timothy Dalbey

Sorry I missed the paver dedication too many conflicts, but was thinking of y'all.

10/05/15 05:59 PM #52    

Georgia Harris (Smith)

GeorgiaHi , I am sorry I missed the Paver ceremony but very happy I made the dinner the following night . Barry It was a pleasure to meet your wifeand share the evening with you and Betty B. Thanks for everything you did to help organize even if it was only following orders from the boss man -Mark T. Mark Thanks for the organiztion It was a big job done well!   Boy If I stick with this group I will learn all the good places to have a meal!  Georgia



12/09/15 12:06 AM #53    

Marcia Sollek (Lenard)

Hi everyone,

Not being the swiftest one in the class, I'm just figuring out how the open forum works. Really glad I made it to the reunion but sorry to miss the paver ceremony. I went online to download pictures (finally) and then found out they only were up for a year (where does the time go???) Anyway, if anyone's found a way to get some of the pictures post-one year expiration, I'd love to know. And I hope someone's thinking about our next reason for a reunion...not sure if I want to wait 'til I'm almost 80 to try to dance to those 50's and 60's tunes again!  Hope this post works.....and hello again to all the gang.      Happy holidays to everyone out there! Marcia




05/31/17 07:17 PM #54    

Georgia Harris (Smith)

Hi Toni, I finally saw your scrapbook memories . You sure brought back memories . Thanks for posting  :)




10/11/17 05:52 PM #55    

Georgia Harris (Smith)

It is with a heavy heart I want to let classmates know that Betty Hendricks Gabriel has passed away. I have not heard of memorial services or other particulars. Betty and I had been friends since our first days at Shroder Jr. Hi. Her family was the besy to me then and now.Love you Betty , Georgia

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