New Opportunities

You've heard this all before...  if you want to make it in this business you have to know somebody!  

Well... lucky for you... YOU DO!  You know me!!  And I promise.. I AM going to help you and so are my friends!

Seriously ...   Maximum visibility really DOES equal maximum opportunity!  So my first goal... OUR first goal together... is maximize your exposure to the world and put your talent out there front and center... in the easiest and most cost effective way possible. 

You really can't get cheaper than FREE... so let's work on how you can Be SEEN .....  Be HEARD ..... and Be DISCOVERED... using the tools and opportunity packages offered through me, theSEEN and theSEEN partnerships with some of the biggies in the industry.  

And yes I understand... there are costs to improve your presence and to maximize your opportunities.  But those costs are far less here than what you've been paying outside of our community and if you don't believe me... it's okay!  You pay NOTHING to build and showcase your profile right along side mine and so many other successful entertainers.  And you'll never have to... if that's all you want from your career.  

However, If you get stuck... if you ARE stuck... take the next step!  Join our community!  Mingle, chat and learn.  We will show you, connect you and provide you with opportunities that will help you reach your goals!  And introduce you to people, contests, promotions, live and online events that you will only get here!  I have spent much of my career trying to help the entertainment goals of others.  "In your Dreams with Cindy Margolis" and "the Cindy Margolis Show", were two great shows that helped me do that. But they could only go so far.. help so few people each season, in just too few categories of talent. is MY community.  It is MY unlimited chance to help ANYONE who wants to join!  No Limits, No Obstacles.  Tell me your dreams of Stardom!  I'll help you make them happen!  I'll also bring you "exclusive invitations" to participate in contests, live chats with industry professionals, personalized information about the best schools, agencies, make up, stylists, marketing and even casting calls in your area... and more!

We really can all do this together!  So gather your family, friends and fans, just like I have.  And let's make OUR - ONE YOU, ONE PLACE ... ONLINE home!  If they're searching for me... they'll find you!  And if they're searching for you... they'll find me!  Is there anything more powerful than that??  


We only need to be connected!  Click here and see just how very easy that first step can be!