Sat Espiau's Tab

Probably Attending Espiau's Ice Breaker 6:30 PM Sat, July 1st 

(This is pay-as-you-go.  Message Tracey, Carroll, Baugus, or Roberts if you think you'll join us)

Attire:  California Casual or your vintage Claremont Soccer Jersey

Anticipate those who stealth into town that night but maintain flexible itineraries  : )


Otto Rieger

Rosie Rieger

Tim Tracey

John Baugus

Casey and Kathy Roberts

John Carroll

Jeff Stark

Gordon Descombes

Scott Miller

Mimi Miller

Tony Rieger  

Karen Moon  

Erika Rieger  

Lee Kimmel  

Michael Rieger  

Jerry Eyrich

Chuck Purdy

Greg Eyrich

Tammy Dunn

Mike McCarthy  

Beth McCarthy

Derek Jones  

Steve Gonzales

Kent Rothman

Eric Rothman

Tim Tipping

Dave Tipping

Rusty Lansford

Glenn Vonrhein

Roxanne Vonrhein 

Lew Garcia

Jason Powers

Andy Sawyer

Marco Alvarez

Jerry Eyrich

Dave Bosson

Debbie Foster

Cathy Greer