Monday Golf Tab

The Greywolf Cup 10:00 AM July 3rd, Marshall Canyon

(Winner: Team Tipping with 8 under par)

The Monday Golf Outing July 3rd, 2023, The Greywolf Cup, open to all Claremont Alumni and their family.

Putting Contest is 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM at the practice green. 

Scramble format scored using the USGA Scramble Team Calculator for scoring based on Handicap/History

Rules are posted below (scroll down).  Minimum number of Tee Box shots used per player will be TWO each.  Max strokes on each hole is Double-bogey/two over par.  Pick up and move along for speed of play.

The winning team's MVP will wear the coveted Maroon Blazer ! (or anyone else for the photo-op)  : )

Reigning Champ Mark Skapik (CHS '80) will bring the Greywolf Cup to put at risk!

Contact John Carroll, Ron Cohen, or Aaron Whitham with any questions. 

$90 includes green fees, cart, lunch, contest for trophies long drive, close to pin, putting contest on Marshall Cyn GC practice putting green.

___Golfer List________________Team Scramble Handicap ( Hdcp)

Team 1 ‘80 Silver (Hdcp 11)  Tee Time 10:55 AM

Aaron Whitham '80  Hdcp 17   pd

Ron Cohen '80   Hdcp 16.2   pd

John Carroll '80   Hdcp 30   pd

Asa Ginoza '80    Hdcp 30   pd Venmo


Team 2 Legends  (Hdcp 10)    11:04 AM

Scott Kegans '78  Hdcp 16   pd by Reunion Website

Jimmy Van Zee '76  Hdcp 23   pd by Reunion Website

Tim Tracey '81  Hdcp 25   (withdrawn)

Greg Glass '81  Hdcp 20  pd by Zelle


Team 3 Oxford Avenue  (Hdcp 10)  11:13 AM

Jim Magnusson '79   Hdcp 12.8   pd Venmo

Bob Magnusson '86   Hdcp 23   pd Venmo

Mark Steevens  '81   Hdcp 23   pd Venmo

David Villanueva  '79   Hdcp 30   pd Venmo


Team 4 Maroon  (Hdcp 7)   11:22 AM

Greg Eyrich '79   Hdcp 15  pd by Reunion website

Debbie Foster '79 Hdcp 25  pd

Greg Hollingshead '06 

Selena Rodriguez '11

Mark Coble '81      Hdcp 20      (withdrawn)


Team 5 ‘80’s Rock  (Hdcp 10.5)   11:31 AM

Doug Twitty '83   Hdcp 20  pd Venmo

Josh Quinones '84   Hdcp 30  pd Venmo

CJ Hester '83     Hdcp 20  pd Venmo

Chad Wyatt '85   Hdcp 16  (withdrawn)


Team 6 ’80 Gold  (Hdcp 10)   11:40 AM

Jeffrey Stark '80   Hdcp 12.7  pd on Reunion Website

Kathy O'Toole Ghering '80   Hdcp 25  pd Venmo

Scott Randles '80   Hdcp 18.7  pd Aaron

Mary Kutyla-Wells '80  Hdcp 25  pd Venmo

Team 7 Tipping  (Hdcp 10.5)    11:49 AM


Tim Tipping '83   Hdcp 17   pd   Zelle

Murray Monroe '82    Hdcp 20  pd Zelle

Jack Tipping '23    Hdcp 25     pd  Zelle

Richard Tipping '52   Hdcp 25   (withdrawn)


Claremont Golden Era Alumni Golf Classic

Monday, 3 July 2023 at Marshall Canyon Golf Course

Format: 18 hole – Four-person teams - Scramble tournament.


  1. On each hole, each team member tees off.
  2. The team decides which tee shot to use.  Annotate the score card with whose tee shot was used.  
  3. The other team members pick up their balls and place them within one club length (no closer to the hole) of the best tee shot.  Each team member then hits their next shot from that chosen spot.
  4. This procedure continues on every shot for the remainder of the hole, until the ball is in the hole. Putts need to be made within 3 inches of the marked spot (no closer to the hole).
  5. The first ball to go in the hole is counted for the team score, at which point the team stops playing that hole and proceeds to the next tee.  There is one score recorded for the team on each hole.
  6. If the team chooses to play a ball that is in a hazard (sand, water, etc.) or the rough, all members of the team must play their shot from the hazard or rough.
  7. Men tee off from the white tees and women from the red tees.
  8. The team is required to use a minimum of two tee shots by each player (you can use mostly tee shots by the same player if you like, but each must step up at least twice).
  9. To speed play, on each hole the team plays for a max score of Double Bogey. Once the team has reached a score of Bogey, pick up and take a Double Bogey.

10. There are no Mulligans, and no Gimmees (all putts must be holed out).

11. Skills contests are located on the following holes:

      Closest to the Pin: 11th hole

      Longest Drive:  15th hole (drive must be in the fairway to be included)

      Putting competition: On the practice putting green. One putt, closest to the hole, or in the hole.

12. The team with the lowest USGA handicap-adjusted score wins the Greywolf Cup.  Tie-breaker per USGA method.

13. Importantly, the roving beverage cart has alcohol. (No outside beverages are allowed.)

14. Most importantly, enjoy the day back with the Pack!