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Clyde High School
Class of 1975


"Guy On A Buffalo" by Possum Posse, created by Jomo Edwards (check out episode's 2,3 and 4 on youtube) You guys all remember Murry and David Edwards, well Jomo is Murry's son (mom Kathy) who formed the band Possum Posse (Marty Clifford and son Jes play in the band) and now play's in Austin.

Do you remember:

How many Classmates from the 1975 Graduating Class went to Clyde all 12 years?   answer: 27 

Who was MC of the Talent Show and concluded the event by saying "Good Night and God Bless and for you Atheist, So What!"  answer: Forrest Washburn

What Classmate shortly after obtaining their drivers license fell out of their car while driving and was almost run over by it?  answer: Mike Dugan (sure glad Uncle Joe came and pulled his car out of the ditch)

The "Three BBB Drug Store" was located on Main Street in Clyde, what did the three BBB's stand for?      answer:  Bryant?, John Berry - known for book about Clyde "Hills of Home", Pete Bouchette  who owned gas station on corner of FM 604 and South 1st. 

What two classmates of ours decided to wear wigs so they could tuck their hair up under the wig and thus grow their hair long?answer: Johnny Arms and Donnie Edwards, Johnny never wore his wig but Donnie did for about an hour at school before discarding it,  he looked like he had a skinned possum on his head!

What two classmates decided to join the tennis team so they could skip school for tournaments? answer: Jimmy May and Mike Dugan. Seems the District tennis tournament would get you out of school for a couple of days. Pound for pound they were the best team