FAQs on 20Yr Reunion

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why Redlands, and why the ESRI cafe? After dreaming up and researching locations in San Diego, Las Vegas and Hollywood, a great deal of travel and time scoping out venues started our quest. After considering feedback from you grads, the committee found a place that would be convenient, yet unique and hip. The venue is not a traditional cafeteria, yet a sophisticated, private and upscale venue that be suitable for all tastes. You will love it! Gina and Elena will be decking the place out in a modern interpretation on Crimson and Gold, so look forward to a fun and festive venue that oozes Yellowjackets!
  2. Who set ticket prices ? As mentioned previously, the committee sought to keep prices as low as possible to make attendance a non-hardship for all grads and guests. Average reunion tickets range between $85 and $150 per person per night to cover the costs of food, venue, entertainment, DJ, prizes, decorations, and of course invitations and advertisements. (According to one of our grads who recently attended Redlands High Class of 1990 in Palm Desert, the cost was approximately $125 per person) Your committee labored and negotiated long and hard with multiple bidders and got the best prices on the best services. Ticket prices started out at 49.95 for early bird registration and are currently at 79.95.
  3. What is the reunion budget? The only ones "profiting" from the reunion will be you: the attendees! The overall cost of the reunion was approximately $5,000 and as of August 5 we have almost covered our expenses with ticket sales! (just need to about 10 more grads to buy tickets, so please get your visa card and click on: http://www.coltonhigh1990.com/member_ReunionSignup.cfm Please puchase your ticket now or Shariem will be out about $500 dollars.
  4. Why didnt the reunion committee hire a reunion company?To eliminate the "built-in" reunion company fee, keep the ticket prices low, and encourage more attendance. Reunion companies that we talked to wanted to charge over $100 per ticket.
  5. About the Reunion committee: Shariem, Vic, Elena, Scott, Gina and Rondalyn met on a monthly basis via conference calls to setup web pages, identify, call and mail grads, drive and visit venues, sought and acted on feedback from grads like you, volunteered their own time and money in advance for reunion expenses, and even were the first to buy full-price tickets to the reunion. A few others joined in to help early (Thank you Kyle Kurr and Lori Hoffman, Debbie Weitzman) so please give them your vote of thanks by buying a ticket. Amy Webb (Class of 1989) who ran her class' 20 year reunion served as an invaluable mentor for our team and will be volunteering at our reunion alongside Alice Chow and Angie Venegas (both '91).
  6. Will I receive tickets in the mail? No. If you have paid you and your guest will be on the list and a name tag will be pre-printed out.
  7. Will tickets be available at the door? Yes, but at a higher cost- $99.95 per person and dinner is not guaranteed.
  8. Who is coming to the reunion? Approximately 100 people, (There were about 300 grads in 1990)
  9. Is this class of 1990's reunion?Absolutely! A few people in '89 and '91 expressed interest but as of August 5 only 3 people from the other classes have RSVPd.
  10. Is it too late? No, but please log on to the website for further information on ticket availability to reserve your spot... click here...
  11. What is the suggested attire? Sexy Casual (jeans are ok, but look your very best)
  12. What is the agenda of the reunion? MC,  Shariem Satterfield will be leading an action packed agenda full of awards, recognition, memory games and a dance contest. Bar service and Dinner will be provided, and the World Famous DJ Richie will be spinning your favorite tunes from the 1990s... Most importantly there will be time to catch up with your old friends and classmates who are flying in from all over, from Alaska to Rialto. 
  13. How much are photos? Gina Lee Photography has sponsored the event and will provide a fun and exciting "PHOTO BOOTH" to capture the fun memories (bring your CHS Memorabilia (Lettermans Jacket, School pom poms, Aqua Net, track outfit, big hair, princess tiara, Football jersey, etc...) It will be as fun as YOU make it, and the photos will last a lifetime, or at least a few weeks with local media coverage.
  14. Bar? A fully stocked bar will be serving drinks from $2 to $7 and they do take credit cards. BYOB is not allowed, unlike most backyard parties we used to throw.
  15. What are the prizes, contests and stuff like that? Most kids, Farthest traveled, Best Dancer, Least Changed, Most Changed, and many more...Also, make sure you bring your lettermans jacket as we are having a contest for the most decorated Jacket. There will also be an incredible silent auction for tattoo coupons, family photography coupons, vacation and travel plans and other incredible finds.
  16. Where are out-of-towners staying? The Ayres Hotel in Redlands has a special room rate, just mention Colton High Reunion (They have shuttle service too, so no DUI!)
  17. Who can I get a ride from? Redlands Taxi 909-798-1111
  18. Can I sneak in after hours? No, security personnel will require identification.
  19. How can I help out? Encourage other grads and friends to get on the bandwagon and come! 

If you have any further questions feel free to post or send to coltonhigh@gmail.com