How to join


How to join our site:

1971 Class members- Click on the "Join Here" button, or find your name under "The 71 Cherokees" button. Click on your name and create your profile. At this time you must enter a valid email address and choose a password. Your request to join will be sent to the site administrator. You will be contacted and asked to verify your eligibility.

1970,72,73,&74 Class members-Contact the site administrator with your name and class year. After verification, your name will be added to the Guest Members list (under '71 Cherokees). Then, locate your name, click on it, and create your profile. If no profile is created within two weeks, your name will be removed from the list.

Creating the profile is not difficult. When you click on your name, a new page will open. All you are really doing is filling out a template and answering some questions. You must create a profile and receive approval brfore you can access the site.

If you are having difficulty trying to join, use the "Contact Us" button on the Home Page.

Please be sure that your email is a valid working address and that your email doesn't block this address:

 You will create your own password. If you ever forget it, just contact the administrator by email.

This site was created for us, the 1971 class. It is meant for our enjoyment. However, we must ensure that only actual Kendrick classmates are allowed on the the site. Please understand that this is why you have to be validated before joining.