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       Welcome to the official website of the Kendrick High School Class of 197


In the fall of 1967 a new school opened its doors for the first time. This new high school was called Eastside at first, due to its location in Columbus, Georgia. This was the second new high school to open in Columbus in two short years. Columbus, the home of Fort Benning, had need for more schools to accommodate the influx of military families. The Vietnam War was at its height then. Eastside High would be renamed Kendrick High School in 1968.
For many of the freshman class, 1967 would be their third straight year at a new school. It would also mark the beginning of a special time in their lives. They would become the first graduating class to attend Kendrick all four years. They would be the first full-blooded Cherokees.
By 1971 they had earned the right to be called the senior class. Bonds of friendship had been formed that would last a lifetime. They had burst upon the city with a football team that captured a championship in its first year. Something was special there, and they felt it.
Soon they would leave their Cherokee home and embark upon the world. Some would marry, have children, and many would leave Columbus. Some would succeed in their dreams while others would discover new dreams. Some are no longer with us except in our hearts. 
Now time has begun to call them back home. Back home to the one place where they all shared their lives together. Back home to the special memories forged in their youth. Back home to rediscover their love for one another. Back home to Kendrick High School.
This site will tell their story.
Welcome Home Cherokees, Class of 1971.




"This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it." ~ Emerson.

 K H S



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