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01/06/15 02:03 PM #23    

Vic Borzkowski

Rich, Thanks for all you and Kim and others have done to put this all together.

Since the theme of any homecoming is nostalgia, I thought you folks might enjoy something I put together some 25 years ago, and have updated every year since. Enjoy.



01/06/15 02:35 PM #24    


Richard Sade (Sade)

Fantasic Vic, thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone take a listen!!!!!!!

06/13/15 03:37 PM #25    


Karla Petermann

Any chance there could be a non-drinkers price at Turnberry for the attendees who don't/can't drink?



06/14/15 01:47 PM #26    

Dave Donnelly

There is only the set price that we have posted.  No two tiered pricing.  The cost is averaged out across the board between those who eat and don't eat and those who drink or don't drink.  We are paying for the space also.

06/14/15 02:56 PM #27    

Mary Tichenor (Bierhuizen)

Good news for those of you who don't care to mail a check to make your payments.
We are now taking credit cards at registration.
If you run into any issues, please notify

07/27/15 07:56 PM #28    


Brian Miklasz

The golf outing would be easier on Friday,but being a work day it makes it difficult for some of us to attend. I missed the last one because it was on Friday. I'll probably still attend, but it's costing me more than $65.00  because of the Date change.

08/19/15 09:29 PM #29    


Paul Vosti

Is there still a Thursday golf outing? I think I saw an email from Rich once, but can't find anything on the Reunion page....

08/20/15 05:39 PM #30    

Dave Donnelly

The golf outing us scheduled for Friday with a change of location. There is an update from Rich on the website.

08/21/15 06:20 PM #31    


Brian Miklasz

Paul, Rich is setting up an early golf outing thursday Septmber 24Th 10:00 at Boulder Ridge for $100.00 includes lunch and coctails! email Rich asap.


10/28/15 06:36 PM #32    


Karla Petermann

We got a call yesterday from Pam Kaye that Dave Donnolly passed away.  Is that true?



Karla and Jeff

10/29/15 08:56 AM #33    

Mari Ann Contos

I just saw the post about Dave not true...I talked to him today


10/29/15 10:44 AM #34    

Doug Wilbrandt

Different Donnally

10/29/15 11:36 AM #35    

Rae (Dee Ann) Pfundt

OMG.. so glad to hear that this is NOT true!!!

10/29/15 05:10 PM #36    

Dave Donnelly

I'm glad to hear it's not true too.  "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated"  Mark Twain.  I got an email from Kim Sade asking if everything was OK.  I said yes an asked her how she was.  Then she told me about the message on the Forum.  At first I thought is was funny but, after a bit, I was a little freaked out about it too.  So, yes, I'm still alive.  I'm old but, still alive at the moment.  Jon Dannehy, class of 74 passed away Tuesday and I thought maybe Pam got the last names mixed up.

10/30/15 07:32 AM #37    

Dan Angsten

The Walrus was Paul.... Glad your still with us Dave. Too funny!!!

10/30/15 02:24 PM #38    


Karla Petermann

Sorry everyone and especially Dave!!  Pam did get the names mixed up.  Apparently this other guy was at our reunion and she connected him to our class.  I think he was 74 years old?  Not sure.


Anyway, great to see everyone.  Raining today and for the next several days but that's okay because it was a VERY hot summer here and the snow on Schweitzer was terrible last winter so hopefully this precipitation will turn into snow in the next several weeks.


Happy Halloween!



11/27/15 12:25 AM #39    

Dale Puralewski

I hope everyone in the class of 75 had a great Thanksgiving Day!

07/03/17 09:31 AM #40    

Scott Flannery

When is Homecoming 2017-18 scheduled for?  Is there going to be at least an adhoc 6 Decade gathering somewhere?  

07/05/17 09:28 AM #41    


Richard Sade (Sade)

Scott, and classmates,

SAVE THE DATE - September 28- 30th

Sounds like we are going to plan a reunion around homecomoing this year. A 60 year celibration for those of us that turned 60 year old this year. Can you believe it? September 29th is the parade and game. Details to follow in the next month.

07/05/17 11:28 AM #42    

Scott Flannery

Thanks Rich, I appreciate the update very much.  

08/22/17 03:54 PM #43    

Scott Flannery

Hey Rich, any updates for next month homecoming and 6 Decade gathering?





03/13/20 08:33 AM #44    

Mary Tichenor (Bierhuizen)

2020 means we celebrate 45 years since we said our goodbyes to CLCHS!

We know this is a worrisome year with COVID-19 and world issues in general, but let's take some time for ourselves and reconnect this year. We're planning a get together this Fall at the Metrol Bowl.

Exact details will soon be posted.

06/09/20 05:54 PM #45    

Mari Ann Contos

Hi class, Just to give everyone an update on our 45th reunion. We are still having the get together on Sept 25th at Metro at 4 til ?.  Hopefully the covid 19 restrictions will be lifted.  Bring your masks just in case LOL....Pinemoor Pizza and cash bar.. Homecoming weekend if we have a homecoming that weekend (not sure yet). It'll be nice to see everyone if virus permits. Sound good or any other suggestions ? 

08/16/22 01:20 PM #46    

Dan Began

Hey All,

Just became aware that Mike Chesterfield passed away on July 22 and Ted Knox passed away on May 21. Mikes obit is in Carmel, Ind paper and Ted is in Monroe, WI paper. Sorry this is not good news, Dan B

08/19/23 05:28 PM #47    

DeAnn Rennard (Valasakos)

We are so sad to let our CLCHS community know that our brother Tony Rennard passed away on July 20th in tucson AZ. he graduated in 1971. 

Dee Rennard '75, Mike Rennard '77 and Lori Rennard '79.

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