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•   Sylvia Ohlrich  3/7
•   Jeanne Engelman (Schehl)  2/19
•   Sherry Kuetemeyer (Henning)  10/7
•   Alan Dewey  10/4
•   Dave Lester  10/4
•   Sheralee Brindell (Brindell)  8/18
•   Timothy Conlon (Conlon)  8/1
•   Lori Christopherson (Greene)  6/18
•   Peter Guillan (Guillan)  6/15
•   Bruce Palomaki  3/5
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1 lives in Alaska
6 live in Arizona
1 lives in Arkansas
5 live in California
13 live in Colorado
3 live in Connecticut
13 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
3 live in Idaho
92 live in Illinois
3 live in Indiana
4 live in Iowa
2 live in Kansas
1 lives in Maine
1 lives in Maryland
6 live in Michigan
1 lives in Minnesota
1 lives in Mississippi
2 live in Missouri
2 live in Montana
1 lives in Nevada
2 live in New Jersey
1 lives in New Mexico
1 lives in New York
1 lives in Ohio
2 live in Oregon
2 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in Tennessee
3 live in Texas
4 live in Virginia
5 live in Washington
8 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Wyoming
1 lives in Northern Mariana Islands
1 lives in United Kingdom
262 location unknown
51 are deceased


•   Mary Brokhof (Baggs)  3/30
•   Beth Hayes (Wirth)  3/30
•   Chris Dawson  4/1
•   Richard Childress  4/6
•   John Ploski  4/7
•   John Faulkner  4/8
•   Sue DeVries (DeNardo)  4/12
•   Fletcher Belt  4/13
•   Jim Peaco  4/16
•   Cindy Forschler (Robinson)  4/21


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 43.1%

A:   200   Joined
B:   264   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


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Hello Classmates.

It's been so long since the reunion committee met that I don't know who is still interested in helping keep us organized. Kim and Rich moved away (lucky them!) and I think it would be a good time to get a committee together. 

If any of you already have one of these positions and want to keep it - great - just let me know. With today's computer age, we can do virtual meetings but we do need someone local as treasurer so they can access the HSB account. I currently have the permissions necessary to do Treasurer and Web Site Admin but it would be best to have backups or someone interested take the lead.

Potential Positions:

  • President (will keep us on track)
  • Treasurer (will have ability to access account and pay bills)
  • Secretary (takes the minutes of meetings and does any required correspondence)
  • Planning committee (as many as possible - ideas are welcome from all for our 50th!)
  • Web Site admin (Able to keep notifications up-to-date and share information)

Other notes:

I think it would be good to start slowly building the coffers back up for the reunion's bank account. I am unsure when Dave Donnelly stopped managing it (long before he died) but each month they were charging $15 for inactive fees. If there are no deposits throughout the year, the account goes dormant and they start charging fees. I've recently reactivated it again but I'm thinking if anyone wants to make small donations ($5 or $10) we could easily show activity on the account for the next couple of years. Once I get some feedback, I'll figure out how to set it up for Zelle. I currently have no checks for the account either as Dave had all that. When we are closer to our exciting 50-year reunion, I can order them or a new treasure can take possession of that.

I still work full time but do live in Crystal Lake, so I'm happy to host the first committee meeting to get things started. I know we are a couple of years out but it would be fun to do an informal gathering before 2025. Perhaps a get together for the locals at The Cottage where we could discuss the reunion and catch-up with one another?

Mary (Tichenor) B aka MJ