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In Memory

Mario Michael Procaccini, Jr

From the June 7, 22015 copy of the Dallas Morning News:

PROCACCINI, JR., Mario M. Of Oak Cliff died on May 27, 2015, at 68 
years of age. He was a miracle at birth, 3 months premature, making national news. Living in Oak Cliff most of his life, he was a family man, passionate pianist, and good teacher to his children and VTI students. Survived by his wife, brother, three sisters, two daughters - Angelia and Pamela, mother Lucille Procaccini, and grandchildren.

It's always gut-renching to find someone from your past has gone on without having been able to say goodbye.  Another one of the reasons why I started this site and so wanted to get everyone together at least electronically.  Unfortuntely, Mario was not into computers and we were not in touch.

Another "running buddy" moved on.

Requiescat In Pace