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12 Danny Rohmer obituary
02/16/16 02:07 PM by Kathleen Conway Capehart
Those things you just can't get out of your head.
3 Polio Shots
11/03/09 01:43 AM by Kathleen Conway Capehart
Let us know who your favorite was then and now.
4 RE: French class with Madame
12/19/09 05:22 AM by Kathleen Conway Capehart
Was it a "Special Valentine", "The Note", or just "From Afar?"
3 RE: Not a first crush, but an old one fulfilled.
08/19/10 01:27 PM by Elaine Blackburn Blevins
Our Beloved Chapel is No More.
2 The Church is Gone
07/01/09 10:42 PM by John Thompson