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11/07/08 10:20 PM #1    

Todd Fulcher

Welcome to the Mainland High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

11/12/08 09:17 PM #2    

Angela Dominick (Read)

Todd, would love to help out. I spoke with a couple of other people from our class that would be willing also. Please keep us up to date. Also a note about almost pushing 40 that's very taboo, let's just say one day we will be 40 but for now were 25!!! Doesn't that sound alot better. Sincerely, Angela Dominick-Read

11/13/08 01:39 PM #3    

Kelly Owings (Bryant)

I'm willing to help as much as I can from Texas. Just let me know. Anxious to be a part of our 20th!

11/14/08 11:19 AM #4    

Nicole Benford (Hamilton)

Thanks for getting this website together. I am trying to contact as many people that I see or speak with to let them know about it. I will help out with the reunion if you need me. I am good in the administrative arena.

11/14/08 06:53 PM #5    

Jennifer Meaney (Woodruff)

Hey Todd,
I am also willing to help out with Angela. Since we are here maybe we could all get together over lunch and discuss the details. I will contact as many people as I can.

11/17/08 04:14 PM #6    

Angela Dominick (Read)

I think the music is a great idea. I think both version are good. If I remember correct Don't Worry Be Happy was our class motto. I also think some old 80's songs would be a nice addition as well. Angela Dominick-Read

11/20/08 05:38 PM #7    

Jamaine Howard (Cripe)

If I hear "Push It" or anything from Vanilla Ice on here I'm SO LEAVING. :)

FYI - New Jersey is a long way away but if you need calls made and stuff like that, let me know. I'm available in the mornings.

11/24/08 02:01 PM #8    

Dana Johnson

Todd, I would love to help anyway I can. Let me know if there is anything I can do from Virginia. LOL! Thanks!

12/08/08 10:17 PM #9    

Angela Dominick (Read)

Any thoughts on the next meeting day. I sure you've been busy just wanted to get a heads up. Thanks, Angela

12/14/08 11:07 PM #10    

Esther Jonassaint

If anyone has prom pictures,or any high school pictures please post. It would be nice to see how we have all grown or remain the same.

12/22/08 02:15 PM #11    

Alex Smith

I have a photo album full of pictures from our senior year. I will have to scan them and post them. I have a great pic of Nicole Benford chompin down on a big mac.

01/20/09 10:56 AM #12    

Annette Moore (Massey)

What???? C'mon would not be right without "Push It" and some Ice Ice Baby...

Rollin in my 5.0
With my ragtop down so my hair can blow

oh's on. Even if I'm all big and preggars by then, I'm gettin' on the dancefloor and doing that Vanilla Ice dance. Damn, I just wish I had some acid washed jeans and some hair scrunchies.


see you in July lovely peoples!


02/05/09 10:18 PM #13    

Annette Moore (Massey)

Word to your Mother!

hee hee hee!

02/09/09 05:28 PM #14    

Nicole Benford (Hamilton)

Alex don't do me like that.

02/11/09 04:34 PM #15    

DeDe Dillon (Bartleson)

Todd, I live in the area and would love to help if I can. Please let me know if there is something I could do. I'm tracking down a few on the site that i have contact with. The site is great you've done a great job on it. Keep us posted.

06/26/09 10:55 PM #16    

Candace Davis

Hi Todd,

I got your message, it's in the mail. I will be there.

07/16/09 12:30 PM #17    

Lori Sandford

Beach day at Snack Jack's in Flagler on Friday, July 31st from 11:30-4pm for anyone who wants to come. Bring the family or come alone to hang out with some old friends. Not an official event, so bring what you need. We'll be on the beach just on the north side of the restaurant, but close enough to run in for food etc. Can't wait to see everyone!

Lori Sandford

07/22/09 05:01 PM #18    

Lori Sandford

If anyone is interested in sharing a babysitter on Friday or Saturday night, let me know.

Lori Sandford

07/25/09 02:15 PM #19    

Esther Jonassaint


You have done a great job with the website and getting everyone to reconnect. I look forward to the reunion in a few short days.

08/02/09 01:50 PM #20    

Donald Clark

we are the bomb! hope everyone had as much fun as i did. thanks to everyone who put in all the hard work in planning this special event, hopefully we all can stay in touch with the help of this site. god bless everyone and see you all in 5 years. DONNIE

08/03/09 11:11 AM #21    

Kelly Owings (Bryant)

Todd and reunion crew:

You guys did a phenominal job with everything. R.T. and I had a wonderful time and we are very thankful to have been a part of it. The weekend was beyond all expectations.

It was great seeing everyone happy, healthy and looking fantastic. I personally don't think we changed a bit, just a little bit older and wiser.

Looking forward to 25 yrs!

God bless you all,

08/03/09 07:53 PM #22    

Annette Moore (Massey)

Todd, Jennifer, Angela, Melissa, and the rest of the reunion planning crew:

Thank you for a wonderful time! There was such a great turnout, I didn't even get time to talk to everyone there! Sorry I missed the other events but the cocktail nite and the dinner was really great. You guys should be proud of yourselves.
It was really wonderful to see everyone happy, healthy and living such interesting lives...and not to mention, some of ya'll are still able to break it down on the dancefloor!
See you next reunion...and of course I offer up my help again, and this time please take me up on it!

Take care everyone!
Annette (Moore) Massey

11/05/16 03:32 PM #23    

(Jessica) Keisha Wallace

For those of you in the Daytona Beach area, the Applebee's in Ormond is remodeling. They are selling Mainland artifacts (pictures, athletic uniforms, lady buc uniforms, etc. [all framed]). The last day to purchase them is Nov. 13th. If you want something, the sooner you go, the better. Good luck!

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