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 Now that the "Save the Date" email has been sent out, please keep an eye on this site for any new info as it becomes available.

Thanks to: Marty Badalucco, Diane (Carnevale) Jones,  Chris (Cooper) & John Ossenmacher, and John (Pat) Walker for their donations to the class reunion!

Welcome back to the Edsel Ford High Class of 1969 web site.  Hope you like the NEW look.  It works great on tablets & phones.  HELP!  We are currently working on labeling the elementary, junior highs and class reunion photo sections,  Mistakes are par for the course and an email with any corrections or new names to fill in the blanks are greatly appreciated.  You can also click on the "What's New" page link at the top of the home page to add any names.  Be sure to specify the galleries you are discussing.  All of the Bolts from our years at Edsel and all the class reunion books have now become part of the media reference materials.  Thanks to Chris Cooper Ossenmacher, Dale Taylor, Pat Strahota Grimes , and one of my sons, just to name a few, who have contributed from their collections,  Anybody with materials that they would like to see posted but not sure how to do that or comments and suggestions, can email me at bigpatthree@gmail.com.

This site has been updated with pictures from our 50th Class Reunion.  If you attended the reunion then you know that it was a huge success and we believe that everyone had a great time.  If you want to know who attended the Class Reunion click here or on the Who Attended the 50th menu item on the left.

If you participated in the "Name the Artist" contest at the 50th Class Reunion and are looking for the answers just click here or on Songs from 60's/Pop Tunes from the 60's menu item on the left.  You can play the songs, see the titles, and see the Artist/Band.

Several of you have asked how to download pictures from the site. Although there is no "bulk" download capability at this time check out the How to Download Pictures page.

First Visit?  Check out our Getting Started document. Check out the What's New page as well.

Soon you will be able to help us in our 55th Reunion planning process by letting us know if you currently have any interest in attending the next (55th) reunion.  By clicking on either the Edit Profile link (on the left) or the 55th Class Reunion Survey  (when it becomes available) you can select Yes or No for the Attending Reunion question to indicate your interest.  Don't worry, you can always change your mind, besides, making a selection does not mean you're registering for the reunion.

In addition to letting us know if you are planning to attend, the updated survey is intended to get your feedback on other activities currently in the planning stages.  It's titled 55th Class Reunion Survey, and once it's posted it will allow you to express your thoughts on the subjects.  After completing the survey you can see how your classmates responded by clicking View Results at the end of the survey.


We are always seeking photographs, video, trivia, historical information or any other ideas you may have that would make this website interesting and useful.  If you have content you would like to have included on this site please forward your content and/or ideas to efhs69@edselford69.com. Just about any format is acceptable. 

As we continue to update this website, if you notice errors or omissions or experience problems or technical difficulties please report them to support@edselford69.com.

Do you know the email address of any of our missing classmates?  You can invite them to join this website by scrolling down to the bottom of this page and entering their email address in the MISSING CLASSMATES box (it's on the right side of this page and says "Click here").  Alternatively, you can click on their name on our Missing Classmates page and then enter their email address and click on Send Invite. 

Have time to burn?  Waste your time watching Family Guy video clips or playing Hangman on our Just For Fun page.  For a reminder of what was going on in 1969 visit our 1969 History/Videos page. 

By the way, you can interact with your classmates through this website. If you click on our edselford69 facebook page, there is a "zoom" room option I am currently experimenting with.  Anybody can create a room by clicking on "Rooms" on the left side of the page, or looking on the rightt side for a room in session.  

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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 48.1%

A:   236   Joined
B:   255   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)