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How to Upload Pictures

Uploading photos is not as hard as you might think.  We all enjoy seeing the memories from our past and new pictures can inspire others to do "what I've been wanting to do for a long time".  

Before you start this project, (using pc, tablet or phone), know where the photos you want to upload are on the device you will be using. Next, decide what photo galleries your pictures belong in.  For example, you might have elementary school pictures.  We currently have 3 elementary schools listed, but we can create more galleries of them easily.  You also might have reunion pictures.  Again, we have the reunion years separated.  

Next, go to the Class Creator/Edsel Ford website (the one we are on now) and make sure you are logged in.  

Let's say you want to add your photos from Howe School.  On the left side of the home page on a pc (on a tablet or phone, there are 3 parallel lines at the top right part of the screen), click on "K thru 9th Grade Photos".  

Then click on the "Howe School" picture.  Below George T's photo is a box that says " Create Your Own Photo Gallery Here".  

When you click on that box, you will see a green box that says "Add Photos".    When you click on that button, your device will need you to steer it to the pictures you have already chosen.  You cannot upload more than 10 pix at a time.  When you finish your selection, it will take seconds for the website to finish uploading.  

Refresh your page and you will see your addition(s) added.  Now you can enter info about the photo(s) in the "Enter Caption Here..." box.  Nothing more need to be done and you can now go where you please.  If you want to do this and would like someone to walk you through it, please send me a personal message in the Classmate Profiles section and I promise to be there for you.