Elaine Kochoff Moorhead

Profile Updated: July 17, 2019
Residing In: Atlanta, GA USA
Spouse/Partner: Bill
Homepage: ElaineMoorhead.MyMonat.com
Occupation: Network Marketing Professional
Children: Forest, born 2006

More than just a pretty face – Your hair is your crowing glory.

Using hair products that can give you television hair every day and Skin care products for an ageless appearance, Elaine Moorhead, works with men and women alike to help them achieve their best first impression, no matter what the age. Since inception of her exciting, life changing choice to delve into the Network Marketing Industry, she has introduced these products to hundreds of people throughout her travels. That is one of the beauties of her business; it can be productively done in a virtual office ANYWHERE.

For more than 25 years, Elaine has researched and used, studied and read about many over the counter hair care and skin care lines. Purchased from high-end department stores to the newest internet products. None seemed to do much in the way of improvement. The packaging was beautiful, the products were expensive, and the result that the product claimed to be purchased for, was not there. It was shortly after the adoption of their son and moving to their new home that she noticed her face falling. That included the eyes, dark circles that make-up wouldn’t cover, parentheses lines that were so deep they created shadows, her neck was looking like a turkey, and she was looking for a plastic surgeon. Along with that, her hair was beginning to get thinner and her hairline was receding.

Then she was introduced to Monat (Modeern Nature) and Rodan + Fields. Both had “Multi Med Therapy” that could turn your bathroom into a virtual spa for your hair and skin. The products claimed, “The end result: a visibly firmer, more radiant and flawless looking complexion.” AND visibly fuller, thicker, shiny, healthy looking hair. She was in! Improvement was seen in a matter of days. She was euphoric!

Elaine is proof the products are exceptional. She receives numerous comments about her youthful appearance frequently. One in particular was just recently when a young mother in her mid to late 30”s said, “I thought you were 40. Maybe 42 max. Your eyes have no lines and your skin is beautiful and your hair is so thick and healthy looking.” Elaine can create a plan for success so that your hair and skin can achieve that youthful, radiant appearance as well. She will let you in on tips and secrets beyond the products to enhance your overall appearance. She invites you to join her for a “What Not To Do If You Want To Turn Back The Clock Session” where she will reveal the top three reasons your hair and skin may have lost its luster. Her age is more than a decade beyond 40 and her best marketing tools are still her hair and skin, they speaks for themselves.

You may contact Elaine by phone at 407-716-1173 or e-mail at Elaine.Moorhead@gmail.com or simply go to her website to take a look at the products ElaineMoorhead.MyMonat.com and. ElaineMoorhead.MyRandF.com. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you may want to schedule an appointment with me.

When would you like to get started with your transformation?

==. Thank you for giving me the hair of my dreams. Just like you said, I have television hair every day. Even when it’s hot outside and I should put my hair up, I don’t want to because it looks so nice. Thanks bunches.

==. Thanks Elaine for turning me on to these hair products. My hair never looked so nice. It feels soft and is so shiny and healthy and I am getting so many compliments. I can see my hair has little short new hair growth already. I’m really happy and excited about the future of my hair progression. Thank you.

==. Elaine, thank you for sharing with me the Monat Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair is gray and really course and wirey. When I Used your products, my hair was soft, manageable, shiney and relaxed. It looked beautiful with no fussing. I feel beautiful too. Thanks so much.

== Thank you Elaine for generously sharing your skincare with me. I had stopped buying those expensive skin care products because they did not work. I was ecstatically surprised to use your products and see beautiful results in just a few days. Your eye cream took my wrinkles away, I have given up the use of under eye concealer and puffiness is gone. Your hand brightening cream is amazing. I rarely used hand cream, but since using yours, my hands look beautiful! I am getting compliments from my husband daily! Thank you.

== Elaine, thank you for taking the time to teach me about the Rodan + Fields skin care products. I am older and thought that nothing would really make a difference at my age. I was so beautifully excited to see my skin become more youthful within a matter of weeks. Your products actually did what they claimed to do. My children tell me I look 70ish. I am 93 years old. Thank you.

== I have only used the best skin care products since I can remember Elaine. However, my eyes have always been puffy, no matter what I have done or what I have purchased. When you suggested I try your eye cream, and said it was formulated to remove puffiness, fine lines and brighten the eye area, I was skeptical. I have already used the best products and nothing ever really worked. Reluctantly, I tried the product. I LOVE the eye cream! It is the best I have ever used and I will continue to use it. Thank you for being my friend.

School Story:

I will always remember with fondness the time in Mr. Bach's chemistry class when he had asked me to answer a question that had to be done using some heavy mathematics. It was a natural request for him to ask of me since all of my test scores were either "A's" or 100%'s. Well, as it were, I was having a difficult time with this particular problem. But!! to my pleasant surprise I saw out of the corner of my eye Donnie diligently figuring out the problem, and he was sitting directly behind me. (I could reach out and touch him.) I quickly asked him how he was doing and he replied that he would soon have the answer. Mr. Bach asked me how I was doing? I replied I would have the answer in a minute. I then turned to Donnie and asked him again, "do you have the answer yet?" He replied, "not yet". Mr. Bach asked me a second time if I had an answer for the class. I again replied, "not yet". By the third time Mr. Bach asked me if I had reached an answer, rather frustratedly, and I replied, "as soon as Donnie finishes working out the problem, I will be able to give you the answer". At that moment, Mr. Bach had a stunned look on his face as the class was amused and broke out into laughter, as I remember. It was just a minute more before Donnie had finished the problem, gave me the answer, and I gave it to Mr. Bach. The class continued and that was another day in the life of LHS.

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Oh my, our son is 12 years old going into the 6th grade. You definitely have a head start Marlene! LOL

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHIE!! I hope this is the best Birthday yet!

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