Emails 4/9/2013

Hello Denison High School ’67 grads! Can you believe how long it has been since we walked the hallowed halls of DHS? We now have our very own web site! Welcome to: If you haven’t yet - we hope you will join soon! On the Home Page, click on “Classmate Profiles” (at the top) then “Search” for your name and sign up now!!! Our site is a “work in progress” so keep checking back for new features (and old friends!). It will be the main meeting place for DHS ’67 grads to reconnect. We hope this and future reunions will be centered around this web site for all information. Emailing you directly from, and using, this site will save us all so much time and money. Speaking of..... It costs NOTHING for you to join (although donations for its cost are always most welcome!). Beware - there are other sites out there that are a “tease” – draw you in by listing some of our classmates names, then if you click on one, it takes you to a screen asking for anywhere from $20 to $50 to join in order to get information ( or, for example). There is none of that on !!! It’s just us’ns! (Forgive me Miss West). Our website host, Class Creator, has many different security levels and you are given the option of adding even more. If you have any concerns, please feel free to email or call us. Join us anyhow on NOW!!! FREE! FREE! FREE! Take care. Kathryn Mosse, Administrator 903-752-5252 .