Email 8/2017

DHS CLASS OF 1967 (and others!)

It's right at one month until our Reunion.  Hope that you have sent your registration in (I sent mine in yesterday!!), and made arrangements for lodging.  Several of our classmates will be attending for the first time!  Please note "Reunions" above to get information if you did not receive an Invitation.  Upload pictures to your profile if you can.

Reunion Committees led by Che-Che Dusek Smith along with  Candy Ketcham Dickson,  Tonda Kidd Crenshaw, Olen Long, Karen Sikes Ferrier, Ginnie Farris Ammons, Jessie Faye Davis Brockett, and Sandi Jones Pate, have done an outstanding job!  (Elvis stamps!!)   Kay  Harris Crain, Roberta Aynes Marlow and George Bradley were stealthlike in their searches for names and addresses. 

Fifty years ---   who knew?  ----  There have been many additions to our "In Memoriam" section.  As I was perusing, lots of memories poured up.  (Can't remember yesterday, though!). Also, just in case a few notices may have popped up in your email while I was updating, please understand that there was a LOT of updating to do.

If you have an email address for a class member, please note that you can add them on your own OR, of course, you can send a notification  with their email address.  We currently have 107 email addresses out of a class roster of 311.

Lastly, please join me in sending condolences to Olen Long in  the very recent loss of his wife, LInda, married for 47 years.  Prayers for your strength, Olen! 

Hopefully, many of us will be Re-Uniting in September!!  See you then.

Kathryn Mosse, Administrator