Email 9/2014

An update for all 1967 Graduates!!!

Some things that have happened since we last chatted: 1. The new Denison High School officially opened on 8/29/2014. (Our high school will now be the middle school). Also, the newly refurbished Munson Stadium was dedicated on the same date. You can find both at the website for the Herald Democrat. 2. Three of our graduates have passed this year: David Huggins, Mark Bray, and Larry Thrasher. 3. Our membership continues to slowly increase -- now up to 52 members of Class of 1967! (There were 310 graduates).

We tried a small gathering in May but no one was able to attend :( Perhaps some of you will have an idea of a small gathering in the Dallas area, or a small gathering in the Denison area. Don't forget -- it's less than three years to our 50th Reunion. We have a long way to go in contacting all of our graduates.

Please peruse the "missing classmate" list, (missing information, not classmates!!), and contact the ones you know of to join this list. I know several are on Facebook -- see if you can get them to join!! 

Yours truly, Kathryn Mosse, Administrator