Email 2/2014

February 2014 Email update!!  Nine months running and we have 44 members signed up with another 51 "in memoriam". So, gee, where is the info on the other 200 grads? I do understand that some people do not do "Internet" (Ben James, Shirley Ciacio, and Trish McSwain come to mind!); however, just looking over the "Missing Classmates" list, surely many of you have contact with the names listed!!! Perhaps you have friended someone on Facebook -- send them a message with the website, and get them to join. Many of you have expressed interest in having a "65th" birthday party (since most of us will be reaching that pinnacle this year! ). We may just have to push on and get just as many grads as we can in one spot. I live in Plano and would be happy to get something started locally or I would travel to Denison. Need feedback on ideas for a get-together/when, where, etc. Riccardo, it's not that long until 2017 which is our 50th graduation anniversary!! Put that on your calendar -- would be great to see you!! Finally, three of our grads have had a parent pass with the past two months: Che-Che's dad -- Joe Dusek, Sharon's Mom--Joni Scott, and Jerry's dad -- Gordon Rutledge, all of whom were close to or over 90 yrs old. We remember them and we miss them! Rest in Peace. Finally, let me hear from you! Or post on the message forum! Kathryn Mosse, Administrator .