Email 12-2017


Guess what I found while going through some old albums! Some (blurry) pictures of our 10th Reunion and some better ones from our 15th Reunion!!! I would encourage you to dust off those albums and post some of YOUR pictures. Check them out!!

Tonda Kidd Crenshaw reported the results of the survey that was sent out. She stated the majority of responses wanted to stay with a Reunion in five years (the 55th, doesn't that sound odd!!) However, perhaps we could have a 70th Birthday Party in the next year or so, a casual gathering like we have done before (especially since that's less than a year away for me --- just happy to be alive and kickin').

Also, the survey indicated a majority response to split 50/50 the funds left over from our 50th Reunion. Half will go to maintaining the website and domain name for however many years I can get, and the other half to be retained for the next Reunion start-up funds.

Please let me know of any changes to be made (mostly In Memoriams), and let's continue to be diligent about adding members to our roster. (You can actually send a request to a class member's email!)

Love to all,

Kathryn Mosse, Administrator