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06/11/14 07:57 PM #1    

Lauren Monsen

Welcome to the Denby High School Class of 1965 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

10/29/14 11:55 AM #2    


Diane Weddle

Does anyone have information about Mary Ann Lizotte, Dennis Gay, Lois Diegel, and Sallie Schultz?

10/30/14 03:44 PM #3    


Richard Markel

no sorry...


11/02/14 05:10 PM #4    

Marty Palmer

Does anyone know what happened to Tom McClure, Gary Briney, and Tom Manning?  I have information that Gary is in CA but don't have contact info.

The last I heard from Tom McClure was he was taking a job in FL after he did 4 in the Navy. 

Tom Manning just disappeared and I have never had any info on him at all. I know his father was a pharmacist and owned a drug store in Detroit.

I used to hang out with them a the burger place on 8 mile and Kelly.  But as I said I have lost contact with all of them....hard to believe in todays' world.

Posted 12-19-14 Found Gary Briney,

Gary C. Briney,
424 Santa Clara APT. 6
Fillmore,CA 93015-2055
His cell is 805-422-1912
might have found Tom McClure but don't know yet....12-19-14

11/03/14 08:25 AM #5    

Denis Wieczorek

I don't know where they are, but I remember the hamburger place.  I believe it was called Dunkenburgers.

11/03/14 08:01 PM #6    

Nancy Horn (Catalogna)

Hi, Marty!

I've worked on all the reunions. The last information I had on Tom McClure was that he was in Florida working for either a chain of restaurants or hotels. I recently tried to track him down for this reunion. I think he may now be living in North Carolina but couldn't find an address without having to pay for it. I also remember Gary living in California, but that was several reunions ago. As with Tom, I couldn't find a free address. I know nothing about Manning. If you get any updates on their addresses, please let me know so I can update our records.

06/03/15 10:59 PM #7    

William Rein

Does anyone have list of attendees for reunion?  Also anybody know whta happened to Wendy Wasama/

06/04/15 10:21 AM #8    

Nancy Horn (Catalogna)

Hi, Bill!!

For a list of attendees, go to our website. In the box at the top, click on "Classmate Profiles." Look for the symbol for those attending the reunion. The list is updated as people register on the website or send in their checks. I hope you can join us in October!

Nancy ( Horn) Catalogna

06/04/15 01:36 PM #9    

Kathleen Herbert (McCarthy)

Nancy is correct on this.  Some classmates have said they are coming, but have not registered, or paid.  However, doing what Nancy indicated will give you an idea of who plans to attend.  I'm keeping track of everything on the website, including those who have will be good to see you in October!

Kate (Kathy Herbert) McCarthy

06/17/15 03:25 PM #10    

Alice Woznack

Anyone know what happened to Larry Tweedle and Elaine Sucich?  I lost contact with Elaine after the 15th Reunion and Larry when I moved to Mass.



09/08/15 11:20 PM #11    


Paula Wiese (Hill)

Received snail mail from someone named Doug with a Dallas, TX postmark and no return was addressed to Paula Wiese Berger at my address in Henderson, asked me to "please complete for award" I am already registered on the website and unable to attend the reunion and my last name is Hill and has been since 2001, I'm not sure what this is all about............if you are "Doug" or someone who can answer my question, please let me know so I'm not confused...........

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