Who's Who's of 1989

Senior Class Officers

Tyler Sherer - President; Mindy Price -VP; Erica Maskus - Secretary/Treasurer; Ami Schoonover - Time Capsule Chairperson

Who were the "Pretty Faces" of 1989?

      Erin McCarthy, Jude Wilson, John Hansen and Mindy Price 


Best Legs - Who took home the gold?

Jay Gifford, Cindy Lewis, Roman Rodriguez and Amy Stoeckel 

Prettiest Eyes....

John Hansen, Ami Schoonover, Jennifer Bourne and Jade Smith



Best hair....Gee It Smells Terrific

Jeff Konnesky, Chris Gunn, Erin McCarthy and Tara Swaim


Most Likely to be Weathly...

Justin Bailes, Anne Trenkle, Jeff Konnesy and Erin Johnson