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What is the difference between the Contact and the Profile Page?

The Contact Page is confidential and used to gather current contact information from a classmate when they join. This information is used for sending Reunion information. Only the administrator can see the information you entered (email, address etc.) when joining this website. That information is used for reunion contact information.The Profile Page is the information you provide which you are willing to share with other joined classmates.

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Who can see my Profile page?

Only classmates who have joined the site can see your Profile. When entering your Profile information you have the option of checking the Profile Visibility box which blocks the public and search engines from accessing your Profile. and allows only fellow classmates to view your profile details. You can join the website and register for the reunion without ever creating a profile page.


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Creating and changing a Profile 

After joining the website by entering your information in then the  Contact Page, you will be taken to the Profile Page. Here you enter any information that you are willing to let other classmates see as opposed to your Contact page which is private and confidential). Classmates will also be able to privately message you from this page.

You may change your Contact information and/or Profile by using the pulldown menu in the upper right corner of the page.

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Can I add photos or videos to my Profile


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