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What is the difference between joining and registering?

When you fill out the Contact Page you become a member of this website have access to all nonconfidential information on the site.  Registering for the Reunion is a separate activity.  As a classmate you may join the website and not attend the Reunion.

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What is the difference between the Contact and the Profile Page?

The Contact Page is confidential and used to gather current contact information from a classmate when they join. This information is used for sending Reunion information. Only the administrator can see the information you entered (email, address etc.) when joining this website. That information is used for reunion contact information.The Profile Page is the information you provide which you are willing to share with other joined classmates.

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Completing the Contact Page/Joining

When you reach the Contact page you will see a list of names.  One of them should be yours.  Click your name and you will be taken to the Contact page.  The only thing required is an email address and password but other information you provide can be very useful. You may join the website by completeing the Contact page at any time but it  must be done before you register for the Reunion and to view some information on the website.

Contact information cannot be seen by other classmates and will be kept confidential by the administrator.  This information is helpful for communiccations concerning the Reunion.

If your name is not already on the site, but you were part of the Duluth East High School Class of 1971, contact us and your name will be added.

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Why do I need a password?

Your password will allow you and only you to create and update your contact information and your profile.

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Why do I get emails from the website?

Once you join the website, certain information will be emailed to you autormatically.  These emails include information such as new classmates joining the site, reunion announcements and a classmate leaving you a message. You may receive as many or as few notifications as you would like. Use the pulldown menu under the icon of the person in the top right hand corner(as shown above) and select Notify Me to view your options. 

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Changing your Contact Information and/or Profile

You may change your Contact information and/or Profile by using the pulldown menu in the upper right corner of the page and selecting Edit Contact Info or Edit Profile.

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