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14/10/14 11:35 PM #1    

Richard Janus

Welcome to the University Of Otago Medical School Class Of 1979 High School Class of 1979 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

18/10/14 09:25 PM #2    

Richard Janus

Hi Everybody,

I'm sitting with my feet up by a pool at the Grand Hyatt in Bali, Indonesia sipping the juice from a freshly cut coconut and working on this website. The task is not onerous and it is being done in Island Time so expect publication of the site in about a fortnight.

Richard Janus




20/10/14 10:48 PM #3    

Richard Janus

This website has been constructed on a template provided by

Software I have used to build the website has included:


Adobe Photoshop


Intensify Pro

Snap Heal Pro




19/11/14 09:40 AM #4    

Hamish Hilson


thanks for setting this up  - its a great idea,  and good to have someone with the competence to do it well. Also, greatly enjoyed your photos and learning about the rock art of the Kimberley

Kind  regards    Hamish H

20/11/14 03:55 PM #5    

Deborah Thornton

Hi Richard great website though it freezes a lot I note you have a Mike Sage as on the class list our class mate was Margaret Sage and she is in Chch I think. I will try and get contact details for her. Deb Thornton



21/11/14 09:07 AM #6    

Lee Coleman (Pandolfini)



Margaret sage email is and yes she is in CHCH but works I think every friday in auckland as a pathologist as well as in CHCH




lee coleman

13/03/18 04:50 PM #7    

Grant Russell

Greetings All! 

I usually don't take much interest in Medical Council issues but I was delighted to see that our Classmate, Graham Sharpe MNZOM, is nominated for Council and I am hoping that with everyone's support we can get him 'across the line".  I work with Graham here in balmy sub-tropical Wellington; he is a great chap!  Brilliant anaesthetist, well informed, and as we all know tolerates poorly dishonest politicians and charlatans!

Go to the MCNZ website and vote- you need to do this before March 23.  Tell all of your colleagues to do likewise!

Looking forward to another great re-union next year!

Grant Russell


25/09/19 11:32 AM #8    

Richard Hursthouse

Hey guys, no pressure but where and when do we meet on Friday and Saturday please?



26/09/19 09:51 AM #9    

Hamish Hilson


here is a copy of an email I received;  the Staff Club will be the Hunter Centre, cn Gt King and Frederick St

Dear Class of ’79,


It is now less than a week until your Reunion and we are contacting you with some final information.


Friday 27 September – Registration and Dinner at Staff Club

  • Registration packs can be picked up from the Staff Club from 5pm – 6.30pm.  You will then be in the correct venue for your Staff Club buffet dinner at 7pm.



Saturday 28 September – Dinner at Larnach’s Castle

  • If you have registered for the Reunion Dinner at Larnach’s Castle, the bus to transport you there will meet you outside either Buddha Stix Restaurant, 678 George Street (former Cargills Motel) at 6pm or outside the Dunedin Railway Station at 6.10pm.  Please email to let her know which pick up point you will use and how many in your party.
  • Buses will leave Larnach’s Castle at 11pm and 12am back to town. 


Sunday 29 September – Optional lunch at Ombrellos

  • A reservation is being held at Ombrellos Restaurant, 10 Clarendon Street, and if you think you would like to attend this, can you please email with numbers attending.  This is so we can advise the restaurant for catering purposes.  Please note that this is a self-funded lunch.


We look forward to welcoming you on campus this Friday.

Mike, Rob and Sharleen


26/09/19 10:16 PM #10    

Richard Hursthouse

The Friday night soiree is at the Staff Club starting form 6pm tomorrow. That is the old law building by the clock tower-

The Saturday morning lectures are at the Barnett Lecture theatre in the hospital immediately opposite the medical school, at 9am. From there you will be led around.

See you tomorrow. Sharleen

01/10/19 01:58 PM #11    

Sharleen Johnston

Dear Richard, we discussed this briefly at the final session of the reunion and there was agreement there that if there was money left that that could support the web site. I personally feel that, profit allowing, we should reimburse you for the previous 5 years. However, I am a luddite and would need Rob or Mike back on board to action this so---- just a bit stuck at the moment. What date does the site expire? or whatever it does. Sharleen


02/10/19 02:10 PM #12    

Hamish Hilson

Sharleen,  Kerry,  Rob, Mike,  Joanne, & others who helped to put the reunion together, and those who gave talks:  now safely home again,   a huge THANKYOU for a superb reunion!  It was great!  We thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend, it was great to catch up with those of you that we did , and look forward to catching up with even more at the next reunion.  Please pass on special wishes to Mike for a steady recovery,   and thanks to Marty for concluding the sessions with his wonderful and funny musical contribution.  Best wishes to you all   .

22/04/20 09:00 PM #13    


Wayne Butt

So this is where the messages go!

Just an update, made in the last stages of Covid 19 lockdown (April 2020). I took over operating the "Class of 79" web site from Richard Janus (who has done a great job setting this up). The profit from the class reunion last year has paid for 5 more years of web site subscription.

If you want anything altered, publicised, or communicated, just let me know. You can touch base via the "Contact the administrator" link on the main page, otherwise just email me at home:

Wayne Butt

New Plymouth

07/07/20 08:37 PM #14    


Wayne Butt

Just wondering how we can make best use of this forum site. Would it be possible, for example, to host a conversation about retiring - how best to prepare, lesson learned, how to develop new interests etc. That way we could havbe an entertaining conversation, and also contribute to the general wealth of knowledge. Or at least fill in time before we cark!

What do you think.


08/07/20 09:00 AM #15    

Deborah Thornton

Sounds like a good idea to use these pages to discuss this issue. My tuppence worth is that I changed countries so that I couldn't be asked back and then had a different job waiting for me when I got here ie looking after my elderly parents. So a change and then doing something different. I enjoyed no longer having to be worried about being sued and I did not miss being needed. Having no job I happily gave up being known as Dr Thornton. Good luck to those choosing to retire. I am now 6 years on. Deb

08/07/20 03:59 PM #16    

Sandra Staples (Rattenbury)

I think a retirement planning forum is an excellent idea. 


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