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Arthur Riedel

Profile Updated: May 2, 2017
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Initiation Year:
Residing In:
Lafayette, LA USA
Kathryn J. (Bratzler) Riedel
retired university teacher
Marcia - Veterinarian lives in Gretna, La. (clinic is FURRY FRIENDS ANIMAL HOSPITAL in Harvey, La.) More… married and has 2 daughters
Carolyn - Math teacher, Keller, Tx.
married and has 2 sons and a daughter
Cynthia - United Airline Pilot (Airbus) Highlands Ranch, Co. married and has 4 sons
(2017 - 757 Captain and United flight instructor)
Military Service:
Army Field Band  
Yes! Attending Reunion
College Major

Music Education (BME-'60) Woodwind Specialist MM-'66)


second Clar. in the Acadiana Symphony Orch.
play whatever is needed in two community bands
play whatever is needed in area musicals
teach private lessons at home and at local HSs. and Lafayette Music Co.
proud teacher of 1st chair Flute of Air Force Academy Band (she's now retired - gasp) also of
a Clarinetist in the US Navy Band of D.C. and one who now has her DMA in Clarinet Performance from the U. of Texas and one about to begin his DMA at U. of Texas.
figure this....one of my students was 1st chair in the top All-state Band a Tuba player.....must be
my lessons with Falcone that accomplished it!

School Story:

as a pledge....used to 'raid' the house above the dry-cleaners! I remember putting horse manure in the bathtub! (it was my sisters idea)

my Junior year Larry Maxey was to play a solo with the band at a national convention in Chicago.
One week before the concert he was hospitalized for (?) and I was given the solo to play. Heard the tape once at a gathering in the band room! the tape was sent to WKAR and someone or thing ruined it. Dang.

As a Senior I was 1st chair Cl. and always gave the tuning note! One time (one time only) I simply grabbed my Clarinet with both hands and was able to play the tuneing note (because my right hand was able to hold the keys of the trill fingering)! Some trumpet players saw the weirdness of my holding the clarinet and were chuckling! Mr. Falcone got on their 'case' for not taking 'tuneing' seriously! If I remember correctly...Harry Ahrens and Charles Harris may have been some of the 'chucklers'!

As a pledge I can only remember what John Kostoff had us memorize.....3.1415926535

As a Senior I was the PMA chorus director and led the Brothers in several Spring 'Serenades'. I can still recall.....'Younger than Springtime'

My PMA room mates were Charles Coltrane and Sumner Lee West. Charles had borrowed my Ford one night to take Linda to Lansing (shopping I think) but came back with a different car! When he came back (Sumner and I were playing Chess) he asked me why I didn't give him the gas tank key!!! (My car did not have a tank key!) We bailed out of the house to see what was there...
called the police and sure enough it had been reported stolen! While driving down to the Lansing Police station it ran out of gas! Some Officers pulled up next to us and told us that we were is a car that was reported stolen....we responded that we knew and were on our way to the police station when we ran out of gas. They confirmed what we said by radioing the station!

As a Grad. I was a Grad. Advisor to the Brothers (we lived in a real house on Ann Str. at the time)

Pledged in 1957 but because of pneumonia during the Winter quarter I had to drop out of the class!

Name of Your "Big Brother"

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Name of Your "Little Brother"

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