If you are new to this website please read this page as it will answer all of your questions on how to get a password, make a profile and how to use the website.

This website is
completely free to our classmatesYou will never be asked to pay
to make a profile or to be able to access other alumni profiles.

All contact information that you enter into this website will be kept confidential.  It will not be shared or distributed.  Your contact information is private: your address and phone number can't be seen by the classmates unless you grant permission on your profile. When someone clicks on your name, all they will see of your contact information is your city and state and whatever information about yourself you choose to put on your web page. Your email address is not viewable, though an email can be sent to you using the contact box at the bottom of your web page. However, if you send a message to someone through their profile, they will see your email address so that they can respond.

IMPORTANT: Please make corrections to your address as needed, but DO NOT delete or leave these fields blank!  Doing so will pop your name onto the "Missing Classmates" page, even if you are registered!  We need your addresses for reunion mailings.  If you prefer that your address information be kept private, leave the "Allow classmates to view my address and phone number" box unchecked.  When left unchecked, this information will not show up on your profile page.  Only site administrators will be able to access it when needed for reunion mailings. 

1.  This is my first visit to the website.  How do I login?

Start by clicking on the Classmate Profileslink. This will take you to a page with all the classmate names, including yours. Find your name and click on it.  Follow the prompts to create your profile. The password that you enter during this process will be used as your login password. You can personalize your page with information such as what have you been up to since graduation, school memories, your family, and photos.

**If you can not find your name on the Classmate Profiles page, please select the "Contact Us" page and email us to have your name added.
If you change your email address, snail mail address, or phone number, please update those in your profile so we will always have your current information.

2.  I forgot my login information and/or password.  What should I do?
You login with the e-mail address you provided during your member account set up (include domain name, such as @aol.com).  If you have several e-mail addresses and cannot remember which one you used or if you no longer have access to that e-mail address, click on "Contact Us" and provide your new e-mail address.  Our website administrator will make the change and then e-mail you a temporary password.  Once you've logged in using your new e-mail address and temporary password, change your password by clicking the "Change Your Password" link under the Member Functions menu on the home page.
If you remember your e-mail address but you forgot your password, click on the "Forgot password?" link right above the green "Log On" button, and the website will automatically e-mail your password to you within a few minutes.
3.  Who has access to my "Classmate Profile" and personal contact information?
You can choose whether your "Classmate Profile" is publicly viewable on the website (e.g., by other classes, friends, and the general public) or restricted to registered MHS Class of 89 Classmates only. If restricted, search engines and the general public will be blocked from accessing your Classmate Profile page.  You can also choose whether or not your mailing address and phone number are displayed; otherwise, only the City and State where you live will be listed.  Click on the "Edit Your Profile" link under the Member Functions menu in the side column, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to make your choice.
4.  Can I be notified if other Classmates update their "Classmate Profile"?
YES!  Click on "Classmate Profiles", then click on the name of the Classmate you'd like to keep track of.  Once he/she has registered, his/her profile will be displayed.  Scroll down to the bottom of his/her profile page, click on the box that says "Notify me whenever [Classmate's] profile is updated", and click on the "Notify Me" button.  You will be notified by e-mail. 
5.  Do the public or other Classmates have access to my e-mail address?
No.  To protect your privacy, your work or home e-mail address is stored only within the website, so Classmates can send you a Message.  You can decide who you want to provide your own e-mail address to.  To check if you've received any new messages, click on the "Message Area" under the Member Functions menu in the side column.
6.  What are examples of the e-mails that I may be sent?
You will be e-mailed information about new website features; details about the upcoming class reunion, general announcements about classmates; and other important news.  In addition, a reminder e-mails will be sent periodically to remind you to update any information that has changed in your "Classmate Profile".
7.  Can I post my own photos or videos on the website?
Yes!  You can upload a current photo of yourself, your family, pets, vacations, old photos from days gone by, past reunions, etc. -- anything you want to share -- by clicking on "Edit/Upload Photos" under the Member Functions menu on the left.  There is no limit on the number of digital photos that you can store on your "Classmate Profile" page.  Each photo is automatically resized to fit on your Profile page.  You can also upload your own videos that you've posted to YouTube.com by clicking on the "Classmate Profiles" link, then following the instructions.  And yes, you can add, delete, or replace your own photos or videos at any time.
8.  How does the "Message Forum" work?

Click on "Message Forum" above and you can chat with our fellow classmates when they login and read the "Message Forum".  Post a response to a prior message or start your own topic of conversation by asking a question, re-living an old memory, or share your thoughts on life.

9. Who designs and maintains the MHS Class of 1989 website?
The Eau Claire Memorial Class of 89 website was designed by Avolyn (Daniels) Tolar, who maintains the site along with Kerrin (Tannis) Teigen, using a web-based application called ClassCreator.com that provides free websites to high schools, colleges, and alumni associations worldwide. You can send questions, suggestions, or general comments to the administrators by clicking on the "Contact Us" link above.
10. Does Class Creator rent, sell, or in any way profit from having our Classmates' names, addresses, and personal information?  How does it make its money?
No.  Class Creator does not rent or sell any Classmate information or engage in any marketing or solicitation to Classmates.  All personal contact information is held strictly confidential.  Class Creator does not sell advertising on the website or display banner ads or pop-up windows. 

Always check back with the Home
page, where main information and announcements are made. Contact Us if you have any questions.

Enjoy and have fun with the website!!