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How many classmates added a new child to their family AFTER our 20th reunion??

  1 child
  2 children
  3 children
  4 children or more
  0 - none


Did you know that we started working on our reunion during the Summer of 2011?
There are many "behind the scenes" expenses to prepare a great event such as setting up websites, recruiting classmates on-line and through snail mail, promotion efforts (like the Homecoming parade) and advertising, plus placing deposits to reserve facilities and entertainment. We would like to encourage you to help through our "Donations of Support" program.

Consider being involved financially as an individual, company or in honor or memory of a classmate or teacher:

1) Maroon ($25-$49)
2) Gray ($50-$99)
3) Bulldog ($100+)

Other sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Debby Maxey Samaras at
Donors will be listed on our site or you may choose to remain anonymous.

Thank you for considering partnering with our reunion team.


•   Diana Mullin (Taylor)  8/18
•   Tim Tillinghast  5/6
•   Suzanne Joyce (Carter)  4/22
•   Chris Meyer  2/16
•   Melanie Kelleher  12/7
•   Virginia Marbes (Davis)  5/17
•   John LeGrand  3/14
•   Mark Fontenot  2/25
•   Lisa Carwile (Blackmore)  2/24
•   Stephen Thompson  2/24
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•   Febe Jones (Brown)  9/26
•   Michelle Mayfield (Lashley)  9/29
•   Debbie Mulick (Downs)  9/29
•   Angie Morelock  10/2
•   Chris Seabrook  10/2
•   Lynn Rohleder  10/5
•   Victor (Denny) Davis  10/6
•   Patricia Riley (Grimes)  10/11
•   Terry Carlson  10/12
•   Amanda Worl (Mills)  10/12
•   Bill Spain  10/13
•   Kevin Dahlin  10/14
•   Glenda Drennan  10/15
•   Ted Knatvold  10/15
•   Don Pendergraft  10/15
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Know the email address of a missing Bulldog? Click here to contact them!

Feb. 2020 Update -  Here is the link to the 30th Reunion Video that was displayed Saturday night:


The following link will take you to the gallery of photos, which includes great pics from the 10th, 20th, and 30th reunions, as well as some oldies but goodies!

** We Still Want YOUR Photos of the Reunion!! **

You can upload/add your own photos, or -- if you need some help -- email them to or to Garyld Miles or Leslie Goodman Aubrey 



Our reunion made the Newspaper!

Click Here to see the Edmond Life and Leisure Article



Please click here to visit our sponsors page!





All - I am currently upgrading the site security and preparing to re-launch soon since we are coming up on our 40th. Unbelievable!

In the meantime, the Class of 1980 and 1981 are having a co-Reunion on Aug. 28, 2021. Here is a link to their website for more details:

More soon.....

-Garyld Miles

Go Bulldogs!

The following Facebook Groups are associated with members of our class also:

EMHS 1982 Group:

ACT II – Edmond Memorial Group:

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