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Did you know that we started working on our reunion during the Summer of 2021?
There are many "behind the scenes" expenses to prepare a great event such as setting up websites, recruiting classmates online and through snail mail, promotion efforts (like the Homecoming parade), and advertising, plus placing deposits to reserve facilities and entertainment. We would like to encourage you to help through our "Donations of Support" program.

Consider being involved financially as an individual, company, or in honor or memory of a classmate or teacher:

1) Spirit ($1 to $49)
2) Maroon ($50 to $99)
3) Gray ($100 to $199)
4) Bulldog ($200+)

Other sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Tamorah Wright Diaz

Donors will be listed on our site or you may choose to remain anonymous.

Thank you for considering partnering with our reunion team.


•   Vicky Morrow (Wedel)  1/22
•   Paul Hallum (Hallum)  1/19
•   Phil Kendall  1/16
•   Diana Mullin (Taylor)  1/14
•   Charles Reed  1/13
•   Ann Billen (Hosokawa)  1/12
•   Elizabeth (Lisa) Hildred (Roberts)  1/12
•   Bill McCaleb (McCaleb)  1/12
•   Anneliese Rivera  1/12
•   Steve Hoover  1/12
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•   Angie Ward  1/23
•   Terri Roberts  1/26
•   Tammy Newton (Dokes)  1/27
•   Danny Goodson  2/2
•   Bruce Sanchez  2/3
•   Carla Engel (Garcia)  2/4
•   Betty Sayles (Barela)  2/4
•   Charles Menasco  2/5
•   Les Perkins  2/5
•   Laura Rodkey  2/5
•   Michael (Chip) Butler  2/6
•   Holly Webb (Parks)  2/7
•   Adam Slaughter  2/9
•   Michele Burrell (Spencer)  2/11
•   Lynette McBride (Brown)  2/12
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Know the email address of a missing Bulldog? Click here to contact them!

June 24 & 25, 2022


40th Reunion Team

(as of November 8, 2021)

Webmaster, Garyld Miles

Administrative Assistant and Historian, Leslie Goodman Aubrey

Treasurer, Eun-Hye "Jenni" Park Choi, CPA

Graphic Artist, Linda Bigbee

Event Coordinator, Tamorah Wright Diaz

Friday Night Event, Keyanne Orick Jacob, Darcy Riggs Evans, John Pellow, Terri Roberts

Saturday Night Event, Deborah Bobys Heitz, Emily Palmer Blaess, Lynn Akridge Potts

Saturday Catering, Cherie Allen Ebers, Candace Bonadio Gideo, Bruce Sanchez

Memorial Coordinator, Carla Engel Garcia

Homecoming Coordinator (Oct. 2021) & T-shirt Coordinator, Joanie Gregory Pullen

Homecoming Team, Liz Baranek Reeves, Ron Reeves, Steve Steele, Terri Roberts, Tammy Newton, Pam Thompson-Williams

Theme Creator & Hotel Block Coordinator, Debby Maxey Samaras

Please click here to visit our sponsors' page!




The following link will take you to the gallery of photos from the 10th, 20th, and 30th reunions, as well as some oldies but goodies!


** We Still Want YOUR Photos of the Reunion!! **

You can upload/add your own photos, or -- if you need some help -- email them to or to Garyld Miles or Leslie Goodman Aubrey 


Our 30th reunion made the newspaper!

Click Here to see the Edmond Life and Leisure Article






Paying it forward for EMHS graduates

John Blaess Memorial Scholarship

Did you know there's a scholarship in memory of class president, John Blaess?  Some of your classmates started a scholarship that has been providing funds to Edmond Memorial graduates since 2005.  If you'd be interested in donating to this scholarship it's as easy as going to Oklahoma City Community Foundation ( and searching for "John Blaess Memorial Scholarship".  We are trying to raise $15k to increase the scholarship foundation to $40k which will increase the longevity of funds available to Memorial graduates. On behalf of my dad and our family thank you for your donation and remembrance of John and the legacy of the class of 1982. 

- John J "Jack" Blaess

As of December 1, 2021, the foundation agreed to match up to $5,000.  So effective immediately, "Any donations made into the John Blaess Memorial Scholarship until June 30, 2022, will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Oklahoma City Community Foundation up to $5,000."

The ways to give below:


Checks: Oklahoma City Community Foundation

            PO Box 1146

            Oklahoma City, OK 73102

We've got a great opportunity to make some great progress towards getting to $40K in the fund and doubling the scholarship from $1K to $2K every year!


EMHS Class of 1982


JUNE 24 & 25, 2022


The following Facebook Groups are associated with members of our class also:

EMHS 1982 Group:

EMHS 40th Reunion:

Edmond Memorial High School 40th Reunion for the Class of 1982! | Facebook

ACT II – Edmond Memorial Group:

If there are other groups or links that should be listed here, please email us at


EMHS Class of 1980