Been There/Done That Results


I have been to Cuba (when I was 3 years old my dad was stationed in Panama and our plane landed there on the way to Panama). I was able to get my first Corvette up to a speed of 110 mph. I have never been on a roller coaster or eaten jerky. – Susan Couch Calabro

I have been scuba diving, ran several marathons, raced stock cars, and raced motocross professionally. I have never jumped from a plane or got my corvette up to 110 mph (thumbs up Susan).- John Schmidt

Done That...... I was initiated into the Order of Shell Backs when we crossed the Equator during or West Pacific deployment in '67. Traveled through the Panama twice during that deployment. Completed my certification for Scuba diving, Advanced Diving and Nitrox certification and have 100 logged dives. I did a Polar Bear dive in the Comal River with air temp of 32 degrees (water temp. was 72 degrees). Earned a Masters degree in Counseling and a Masters degree in Administration and Supervision from U of H. Been to England, Alaska, Hawaii, Italy, Greece, Columbia, and Paris. Haven't Done That...... eaten a Century Egg, skydive, parasailing, or climb Mt. Olympus or Mt. Kilimanjaro. - Tom Seitz '66

Been There Good Guys Car Show NASCAR Albuqerque Balloon Fest Bryce Canyon, Zion, Mesa Verde,Canyon De Chelly, Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Alaska, New Orleans, Universal Studio Florida, Nashville, Ft Jackson (when my youngest graduated AIT). Seen the Queen Mary and Spruce Goose. Seen inh Person and have autographs of; Grass Roots, The Turtles, Paul Revere & the Raiders, Rolling Stones, The Platters, The TemPtations, Eagles, Mitch Rider, Fleetwood, Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr., Three Dog Night, Kansas, Moody Blues, Journey, Chubby Checker, Freddie Fender, Bellamy Brothers, Righteous Brothers, Gary Puckett, John Butler, Leann Rimes, T G ShePPard, Reba, Brooks & Dunn, Sheryl Crow, Cher. Elton John, and many more but, one of my most cherished autographed Picture is Bobby Fuller!!! Haven't Done That= Never went to JaPan have PassPort but no stamps! - Cheryl Greer

Done that: Been to Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Spain, England, France, Belgium, Azores (Portugal), Newfoundland, St. Pierre and Miquelon, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Antigua, Alaska, Hawaii, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Guam, Australia, New Zealand, Diego Garcia (British Indian Ocean Territory – South of India), Somalia, Djibouti, Oman, all mostly as mission commander aboard a Navy P-3 Anti-Submarine Warfare aircraft. Barefoot water skied in Florida, got an advanced certification in scuba diving in Guam where I spearfished with Guamanian divers and learned to catch octopus by hand and then ‘bite’ them to kill them (they were delicious!). Also, swam with sharks on the reef flats of Guam. Caught Langusta (spiny lobster in Guam and in Diego Garcia). Dined on ‘flipper pie’ (seal flipper) and cod tongues in Newfoundland. Scuba dived in Argentia, Newfoundland, harbor in 48 degree water (1/4 inch wetsuit). Shot a moose in Canada, made jerky and sausage in addition to canning a large portion so we could take it to Guam on our duty station transfer a month later. Dined on fruit bat, coconut crab, wild pig in Guam. Drove across the country 10 times on Navy transfers. Got a ‘full knee replacement.’ Got my ’56 Corvette up to 125 mph racing a 396 Chevelle on I-10 between Houston and Beaumont with Sandie and one of her friends in the car. Haven’t done that: Run a marathon, jumped out of a perfectly good aircraft (or any aircraft for that matter), raced motorcycles. - James (Jim) Holland

Been married. Haven't been divorced.- Mary Allen (Lambert)

Been There Done That ~Army Brat, born in Ft. Knox, Kentucky. As a toddler, home was Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, until my Dad got orders for Ft. Kobbe, Panama Canal Zone. Loved it there, my best friend was Susan Couch; we started school together. Susan and I graduated from Irvin High School together, as well. In between, we were in different parts of the world. ~Amazing memories of making friends and 'growing up' in northeast El Paso in the 60's. ~Wonderful reunions, meeting and greeting old friends and making awesome new ones. ~Up, up and away in a hot air balloon during the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in a balloon piloted by a '68 Irvin grad, Andy Waner. Not Been There Not Done That A kaleidoscope of never ending adventures! Nancy (Dralle) Elson

Left El Paso in Feb. 67, moved to NJ, had 3 kids and moved to Escondido, CA, in 73. Got divorced in 2000. On my own after 32 years, drove to CO 3 times, learned to ski, did lots of road trips to Wyo, AZ, NM and along the California coast. Decided I wanted to meet someone with a motorcycle and low and behold, met Ken in 2008 and we've been together ever since, got married in July last year! Who'd of thunk you could find someone and get married again at 66?? Not a world traveler, but for me it was major. We've ridden to so many places and looking forward to riding to El Paso again. Brenda Putman Derr, Oceanside, CA

Okay, just repeating something from Kenny Lloyd, who still maintains his wild sense of humor. He states: "IN THE SPIRIT OF HI-SKOOL IMMATURITY, I THINK THIS SHOULD BE RE-TITLED "YOU SHOW ME YOURS AND I'LL SHOW YOU MINE". He must come to our reunion and generate some fun.
- Glenn Gonzalez

Posted on: Jul 10, 2016 at 1:30 AM by Kenny Lloyd

Ok, on a dare I did it......posted this in the spirit of "you show me yours I'll show you mine. if ya got 5 minutes to waste, here ya go:

We graduated Irvin on a Thursday or Friday (can't remember). Packed up my '56 VW beetle two days later and ran away from home!
Made a small fortune in the oil fields of Eastern NM by age 19......
Flunked outta of college....Draft dodger, left the country for about a year
In jail in Japan...illegal alien....(”visa, we don't need no stinkin' visas!”)
US government sprung me from the hoosegow in Yokohama, drove me down to the dock in a big fancy limousine and sent me to work in the US Merchant Marine for a stint and told me I was someone else's problem now and to never come back (tacky treatment by my own government, but I was grateful to be rescued).
Finished a 4 year Bachelors degree in 2 years (god I hated school) all again while working for Sinclair Oil in Eastern NM.
Got a great job in Chicago but primarily moved there to be involved in the anti-war movement. Hated the cold, so drifted back to Texas.
Made another but bigger small fortune in the petroleum industry, this time in Houston doing highfalutin white collar stuff for a true old school billionaire oil &gas and ranching family..
Retired again at age 32
Married a sweet, beautiful adventurous bleach blond flight attendant......traveled the world extensively
After seeing a green flash sunset in Tahiti with her, I got the mystical calling to do the Capt. Jack Sparrow thing and decided to become a pirate.
Spent years crewing on rich guys fancy pants go fasty yachts to learn the craft, then Cathy and I got our own sail boat yacht, spent 3 years sailing in the Caribbean following in the sandy beach footprints of all my scalawag fantasy Robert Louis Stevenson heroes .
Lived with the Cuna Indians for 6 months on the Panamanian/Colombian mosquito coast..then we sailed thru the Canal, up to Mexico, then Hawaii.......finished at Orcas Island, WA 18,000 miles later
Decided to be a lumber jack for a year, cleared land, then learned the building trades and over a year constructed a sweeeet log cabin house out in the middle of no where Orcas Island, WA
Had two beautiful babies, me age 42 so figured it was time to go to the gallows of fatherhood...lived like hippy hobbits in the woods
At age 2 my son diagnosed autistic.......wife forced me out of retirement to start a real profession again, shed my pirate/hippy ways to make money again to support our young family.
Since we were now parents of a highly special needs child, we gave up the dream of sailing away with our small children to the South Pacific, so sold the boat.
I made more stupid money like the family demanded.......I was however miserable doing the office thing.
Convinced Cathy to sell out of Orcas and and moved to San Miguel Allende Mexico to once again retire and raise our kiddos. Lived in colonial el centro just off the square. Life was amazing there, but after only one year in San Miguel, Cathy's dad died and she wanted to move us all back to Washington state to take care of her mom. Problem was I hated her mom and loved Mexico.
Moved back to Washington state, did more making money things..Cathy realized I was miserable not being true to my compass spinning spirit.......told me she would keep the homefires burning and I should go back out into the world and find the next big thing. Started some quite clever and very successful investment companies. Made a lot of money.....gave 'em to Cathy....after the company is started I get bored and wanted to buy a farm ( I have noooooooooo idea why).
A wheat farm in Ukraine or Romania was my choice (I have nooooooooooo idea why)
Discovered Romania and Eastern Europe. Was clever enough to figure out how to harness great engineering talent over there with US companies and with that new invention of the internet connected the two.
Made great money......donated it all away to a French non-profit starting an orphanage for special needs kids in Romania.
Pissed off Cathy ( I gave her lots of money and security and she didn't need it....I think she was just upset I was having fun without her), so we got a very amicable divorce and remained best friends and co-parents. My goofiness that first attracted her to me was now the very thing that drove her crazy. Gave her and the kids everything.....I didn't need or want it.
Cathy upgraded from me pretty quickly for a drop dead gorgeous Frenchman ( I told her to never marry a guy prettier than she was, but she thought I was just jealous). I liked the guy.....and he loved my kids, so it worked out for all of us!
As a hi school graduation gift to my daughter Phoebe, I took her on a 5 month backpacking trip thru Eastern Europe and Russia, then dropped her off in France for her to do a gap year. She got into wine, so when she returned she got an agriculture degree from Washington State Univ. (the state agriculture university).
In the mean time I fell in love with a genuine honest to god gypsy girl, so I attended university in Romania to learn Romanian language. She spoke only Roma and little Slavic Romanian and no English. It was a challenge and her family hated me. Kinda didn't work out as planned.
Started going to Russia to seek a new fortune. In St Petersburg I met a supermodel/mathematician/international economist who for some unknown reason fell in love with me. People thought it strange that she was only 23 and me 57. Me? I didn't see no stinkin' problem! So in response to that we got married, we moved to Washington state to be near my kids, Cathy and Lydia became best friends.
Started a company providing logistics services to Russian cargo vessels worldwide.
Very successful but I was bored......wanted to do the farm and vineyard thing in Argentina (still having noooooooo idea why)..
Got the farm and vineyard in Argentina. I loved it, Lydia didn't. Instead she wanted the sophisticated high-heel short skirt life style of a young person in a big upscale USA city (Seattle). We divorced amicably (she is still a best friend and I am the grandfather to her brand new baby) and we still do our business together (that is, she does all the work and I try to do squat).
Cathy died a few years past from sudden I am a single parent to a special needs kid who needs 24/7 assistance and me not getting any younger. Evan is my gift from the universe and everyday is a trip living with him. Trying to live to 90 so my daughter Phoebe (living da damn good life in Aspen as a snowboarder/sommelier/wine expert to the snobby 1%'ers) has time to live her life before becoming guardian for her brother. (Family joke..I can't pass face control or afford to dine in her restaurant and she refuses to get me comped)!
All the while having fun breaking my back doing vineyard/farm work, driving my Jeep up in the Andes and down hundreds of miles of deserted beaches in Brazil and Uruguay.

Stupidest thing I have ever done? Wayyyyyyyy tooooo numerous to mention, but #1 has got to be when I ran with the bulls (a la Pamplona) thru the old cobble stone streets of San Miguel Allende on Mexican Independence Day. Hemingway may have made the spectacle romantic and hairy chested macho....but take my advice and DONT DO IT. It was bone chilling terrifying and wouldn't do it to my worst enemy. I did get a really cool T-Shirt out of it thought, framed it even! :-)

Most disappointing thing? Anytime I put on a coat and tie and went to an office or....... Dancing the nite away at Studio 54 in NYC. I had a sleezy greezy shiny shirt bell bottemed friend who got us in. But just couldn't get into the disco, hookers and this very day the best dances I've ever been to were in the Irvin lunchroom after a Friday nite basketball game. The music was better, the Irvin girls prettier and smelled nicer and every fifth song was a “slow song”, and the cover charge was fifty cents and not $100. Serious.

What's left or next? The bucket list thing?
1) seeing opera La Boheme at Teatro la Scala in Milan.....doing it June 2017 hopefully with David Chew and his wife Mandy
2) I want to learn to make the tangiest, sharpest and smelliest cheese that complements malbec wine outta llama milk Not impossible, but milking one almost is.
3) With a couple of equally stupid buddies drive our BMW motorcycles from Pt Barrow, Alaska to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina...and then if we can stand up on our permanently bowed old legs, hike down to Cape Horn end of the world and enjoy the sunset. We have progressed in plans from serious beer talk up to and including shaking hands on it. My favorite saying is “if you wanna make god laugh, make plans”. Easier to do solo, difficult with partners.
4) Get a really cool pirate/anchor/mermaid/skull& crossbones bad ass old school tattoo on my arm.
5) do the pirate sailing thing again. My goal is to get into the Guinness record book by becoming the oldest person to sail/solo circumnavigate the globe. Current record is by a 77 year old Japanese guy (dang, he looks 40...check out that birth certificate.. hes gotta be lying!). Got it all planned just gotta get older without doing the dieing thing.
6) WTF........who knows?

Summary: simple......I've always lived my life with the motto of “I'd rather be the captain of my own dingy than second mate on the Enterprise”. Everything else is just the pesky details. me yours??!!