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08/22/12 04:15 PM #7    

Jesse Hack

Hi Everyone,

Sharon, that was a great idea to post Harvey's "find on UTUBE".  Yes, it did bring back memories and enhance the reunion fever.  Looking forwrd to seeing everyone.

How about more responses to the BEACH DAY?

Jesse Hack

08/23/12 04:47 PM #8    


Sharon O'Neill

Jesse, I can't take the credit ... it was Harvey's idea and a very good one....glad you liked it....Sharon

09/04/12 05:42 PM #9    

Ellen Schwartz (Jenner)


This is to confirm that my husband and I will be attending both the reunion and the Sun. lunch.  We already have plans for Friday evening in NYC with my sister.  We made these plans before we knew of the Friday evening activities.  I'm not sure about the school tour on Saturday.  I understand there is a parade in NYC on Saturday beginning at 10 AM and I"m not sure we'll get out before then.  In any case, we'll see you Sat. night.


Ellen Schwartz Jenner

10/17/12 03:09 PM #10    

Harvey Brooks

Sharon i can make lunch on the 30th i have a meeting at 3 PM that day so 12PM will work for me



Harvey Brooks

10/17/12 03:20 PM #11    


Sharon O'Neill

Harvey great!!! we are going to try to make this a regular thing...too much fun to let it go.  Super ...see you then.  Sharon

03/13/14 04:25 PM #12    

Kenneth Pace

hey Sharon..sorry for the late nitice but won't be attending the luncheon on monday..grandkids are visiting..don.t miss me to much!!!!!! Ken Pace

03/13/14 04:37 PM #13    


Sharon O'Neill


03/13/14 07:43 PM #14    

Maryann Manzo (Lazard)

As it looks now I don't think I'll be able to attend this months Luncheon.... thought   I could but too many things going on.  Sorry! Maryann


09/20/14 09:20 PM #15    

Judy Golub (Berg)

Dear Judy and Ken,

     Perhaps you remember me??? I am Judy Golub Berg. I definitely remember you.  I went to Gotham Ave and Elmont Memorial through 9th grade when we moved to Armonk, NY.  I now live in CT but I am hoping to attend an EMHS get-together.  I was happy to see the photos that Ken posted from the 50th reunion.



09/21/14 07:45 AM #16    

Kenneth Nebel

Hi Judy,

We both definitely remember you. We think you were in our 6th grade class with Mrs. Nicholls. Do you remember if she was your teacher?

Maybe you can have lunch with us Monday Dec. 8 at The Milleridge Inn.   We always have a good time & we'd love to see you.

Warmest Regards,

Judy & Ken

09/21/14 08:48 PM #17    

Roberta Gevertz (Furman)

Hi Judy,

I remember you a dhink we were friends.  Come to our luncheon.  I would love to see you.  Roberta Gevertz Furman

03/03/15 07:58 PM #18    

Randi Morgenthaler (Boeje)

Hi sharron, i see you on facebook, with your doggies. I have 4 little peekapoos myself. I finally sent the link to the web site to Dee Santoro and I hope she signs up. It seems she was going to the Pay for view , high school sites. i am going to remind her tonight.  Hope you are doing well. Randi Boeje

03/03/15 08:26 PM #19    


Sharon O'Neill

Thanks....I am getting another dog on you post pictures of your pups...I will look.  I hope you are doing very well.....I hope Dee signs up.  Do you ever get back here??  Love Sharon

06/10/15 04:59 PM #20    

Lois Ward (Weir)

Hi Sharon,

I wish I could join you for lunch on June 22, but I won't be on L.I. at that time.  Some day I will make it.  Enjoy your lunch.  Give my best to everyone.

Best Regards,


06/11/15 03:12 PM #21    

Iris Naroff (Russell)

Hi Sharon,

I would love to attend the luncheon and see everyone, but I now live in Phoenix and it is too far to come for lunch.  Maybe the next time I am in NY, we can get together.

Tell everyone I say hello!


06/11/15 04:50 PM #22    


Sharon O'Neill

Iris....Phoenix is a great place to live.  If you plan a trip back...let me know and I will get some people together.  I hope you are doing very well.  Sharon

09/04/15 11:30 AM #23    

Judy Clark (Perrera)

Hi Sharon, I just received the notice for the luncheon on the 23rd.  I would love to come but we are having some friends from Ca. visit us and then we will be going back to Ca with them for a week so I won't be making it this time.  Now that I'm in NY, I'm hoping to make a few of these luncheons so please keep me in the loop :o)

Hope you're doing well, Judy

09/06/15 01:51 PM #24    

Judy Golub (Berg)

So happy to see names of people I know. (We moved away from Elmont when I was going into my sophomore year- definitely not my idea!) Sorry I can't make the luncheon.

 Judy GOLUB Berg


09/06/15 08:21 PM #25    


Sharon O'Neill

Judy...I definitely remember you.....where are you living now.  There are several colonies of us around the U.S.  I hope life has been good to you.. Sharon


09/06/15 08:34 PM #26    

Kenneth Nebel



 Hi Judy.  

Hope you can come to one of our luncheons. Judy & I would love to see you.



01/19/16 11:22 AM #27    

Christine Rojeck (Hodyno)

To the entire class of 62.  Kenny Mulligan passed away Mon. The hrs. Of the wake are 7-9 Tues., 2-4 & 7-9 Wed @ Giove Funeral Home, 1000 Middle Country Rd., Selden 11784.

Rest in the arms of Our Lord, your close friend, Walter Hodyno  (1/19/16)

03/21/21 05:11 PM #28    

Lou Cianciulli

Alfred Gast passed away on March 19 2021.He was a police officer with the nassau county highway patrol.

03/22/21 09:00 AM #29    

Nancy Dorrington (Sisson)

So sorry to hear about Alfred Gast. I happened to see him a few years ago at a NCPD ceremony honoring NCPD veterans, My husband is retired from NCPD and he had run into Alfred a few times on the job. We had a nice talk. Condelences to his family.  a really great guy! 

Nancy dorrington Sisson

03/22/21 11:11 AM #30    

Joann Caputo (Bonasia)

So sorry to hear about Alfred.  May he rest in peace.  

03/22/21 04:39 PM #31    

Roberta Gevertz (Furman)

So sorry about Alfred.  He lived close by in Elmont and was a real nice guy.

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