Marcie Shehan Thiessen

Profile Updated: June 9, 2019
I currently reside in: Visalia, CA USA
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Children/Grandchildren: I have two amazing kids! Megan 23 is working on her masters in history. She is married and living in More…Fresno. My son, Aaron 26, is a respiratory therapist and lives in Tulare with his wife and my two grandchildren, Kinley 4 and Teagan 1.
Facebook/Instagram/Website Address: Marcie Shehan-Thiessen
What my life is like now:

Like most of us ladies, I have been busy raising kids. I did stop along the way to take a few music classes and eventually went back for my nursing. That was a challenge with two kids but we made it. Now, I work in the ER at a very busy trauma center in Fresno. I love what I do for a living and hope to stay at it for quite some time!

Advice that I'd give to my 16-year old self:

Slow down and go straight to college!

Funniest High School Memory:

I had several but here's one of my favorites. I can't remember which game it was but I do remember there being TONS of people in the stands. It seemed the entire town was out for the football game. We had made a touch down and, as was custom, the entire cheer squad was running down to the goal posts for the big pyramid as if the wind was under our feet and our shoes had wings! As were running, Andi Elwell steps in a hole falling face first and arms stretched out. My sister, who was right behind her, tripped over Andi and fell face first. I don't have to tell you what happend next but I believe there were at least 4 cheerleaders caught up in a blue and gold whirl wind of entanglement. Shoes were literally flying through the air! As I watched all of this happen, in what seemed to be slow motion, I heard the announcer come over the loud speaker saying......"Cheerleaders down on the field......Cheerleaders down on the field!" We were mortified with embarrassment but laughing too hard to care!

Favorite Teacher:

Barbara Warner-Simpson

One thing that I never did in high school that I wish I had:

Taken auto shop, lol!

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