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06/23/17 12:00 AM #18    

Mark Willardson

Dear Ruth and all,

Appreciate all your efforts for the 40th class reunion.  Unfortunately will not be in the US at that time.

Sure you will all have a great time.

Mark Willardson



06/23/17 12:20 AM #19    

Kelly Maakestad (Sheehan)

I was so sad to miss the last reunion I promised myself I would be there for this one.  Well, luck has it, I will be in Paris during this time.  I have a daughter living there and we are going to visit her.  I am so sad I won't see you all!  Have a great time and know I I'm thinking about all the fun you are having.  Will miss you!

Kelly Maakestad Sheehan

06/24/17 09:39 AM #20    

Colette DeBoer (Christiansen)

Yes.. I plan on attendng .. see you in August .. Wow .. 40 years.. 

06/26/17 02:15 PM #21    

Paul Halfpop

At this time, Tami and I are planning to attend.  See ya in August.

06/27/17 11:34 AM #22    

Will Schauberger


Unfortunately, Joyce and I will not be attending the Reunion. I know you all will have so much fun and I wish I could have been there. I guess we are taking too many vacations and I've run out of available days.

Take care! 

Have a great time!!


07/12/17 02:16 PM #23    

Scott Gudahl

Hello all,

One month to go until our 40th reunion! I was looking in the Classmate Profiles and noticed only 22 people have signed up so far. We can do better than that. The sooner people register, the easier it is for all of the event organizors to plan. Mary (Anderson) and I would love to see as many of you as possible. See you in a month.

07/13/17 08:27 AM #24    

Harlan Andersen

Good morning friends and classmates! What a beautiful day and what a great day for the race!!!!!(the human race)............Forty years .... seems like it was just a couple years ago walking those  streets. Unfortunately, schedules as they are get pretty Denise and I will not be able to attend, however, we will be there in spirit..... so have some spirits for us :) A big hello to everyone and have a great celebration......

07/13/17 05:21 PM #25    

Jeanne Schuler (Yegge)

I will not be able to attend.  I have many fond memories- have fun catching up with everyone!  Jeanne

07/14/17 11:50 AM #26    

Judy Sampson (Boomgarden)

Does anybody know whatever happened to Cindy Nelson?

07/14/17 06:59 PM #27    

Mick Wittrock

Good evening from hot and sunny Texas!  I would love to get together with all of you again to make new memories and remember the old ones.  Unfortunately, my wife and I will not be able to make it.  Debbie is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer and the doctor has told her no traveling.  Maybe the next reunion we can make it up to Fairmont.  Have fun and be safe.

07/15/17 10:39 AM #28    

Cindy Kumba (Voit)

Mick, Best wishes to both of you!  Take care!  Cindy Kumba Voit



07/16/17 09:09 AM #29    

Wanda Schott (Patsche)

Prayers to you and your family, Mick. 

07/17/17 06:39 PM #30    

Mick Wittrock

Cindy and Wanda,

Thank you both for your thoughts and prayers.  They mean a lot to us.  :)

07/29/17 08:14 AM #31    

Colette DeBoer (Christiansen)

Hi .. I will only be able to attend  the Friday night get together.. Will catch everyone then.. 

07/30/17 03:34 PM #32    


Kandi Miles (Menne)

Please register if you are coming Saturday to Mikes house... we need a count for food...... click on the 40th CLASS REUNION words on the left side - it will take you to the registration - you can pay online or at the door 

Thank you - kandi

08/03/17 11:30 AM #33    

Stephen Sovell

I am just letting you know that i will not be attending the function Aug 12th. Something has come up and i apologize for any inconvience. Thank you Have a great day Steve Sovell

08/05/17 08:59 AM #34    

Mike Bute

Jane and I are in the United kingdom this week and will not be able to attend. Hello to everyone and have a great reunion. Mike Bute

08/06/17 08:43 PM #35    

Patrick Carroll (Carroll)

So sorry I will not be able to make it. Have fun and enjoy.

Pat Carroll

08/11/17 07:54 AM #36    

Neal Shaikoski

Hello, everyone!  Hard to believe it's been 40 years!  Due to circumstances beyond our control, Rhonda & I won't be able to attend this year's reunion, but hope you all have a great time!  

08/14/17 03:23 PM #37    

Diane Nettifee

Thanks to all of you who worked hard to pull off a fabulous weekend! We realize that alot went into making it possible - thank you!   Also, thank you to Ron Zenk for his FANTASTIC idea and offer to lead a 60th birthday party gathering for our class!!!  Imagine the fun of celebrating a milestone birthday together and affirming that we are all still good looking and better than ever:) We'll be on your team Ron so let us know how we can help. Warmly, Diane N, Heidi S, Geri M, Cindy K, Patty K, Linda H, Marta S, Carol H (the breakfast crew)



08/14/17 07:17 PM #38    

Cindy Kumba (Voit)

To All My Classmates and forever Friends,   Take care of your Families and Yourselves so we all may attend many more FUN reunions!  Best wishes until our next gathering.  "Good Friends are like stars, You don't always see them but you know they're always there!"  Cindy Kumba Voit  😊




08/15/17 09:04 AM #39    

Kristy Grathwohl (Boettcher)

It was so great seeing my fellow classmates at our 40th reunion. Missed those of you who weren't there but loved catching up with those of you that were there. Thanks again to the Bettin's for your hospitality and hard work and to Ruth and everyone else who helped set up and plan the party!! Looking forward to catching up again in 5 years!! And hopefully seeing some of you that couldn't make it this year.

08/16/17 12:22 PM #40    

Ronald Zenk

That was truly a great reunion.  Many thanks to Bettin's for hosting all of us and making sure everything was taken care of.  Kudos to Ruth, Don, Kandi, Murt, Scott, Tammy and anyone else I'm missing for putting together the whole event.  It's one thing to attend, it's another to put it together and clean up afterwards - and for that we are all thankful!  For Ms. Diane - a joint 60th bday party may be feasible, but I'm guessing it won't be in Fairmont!  Sorry we missed those that couldn't attend this year.

08/17/17 12:07 PM #41    

Geri Izen (Martin)

Classmates, it was wonderful to see you all and enjoy a great 40th reunion!  I want to add my thanks to Mike and Joann for hosting the event on your beautiful property.  It was a perfect night to enjoy old friends and catch up, thank you for you generous hospitality and friendship.  And thank you to the renunion committee for all your hard work and effort in organizing and planning the event: Ruth, Kandi, Mike, Steve, Tom, Tammy, Heidi, and anyone else I didn't realize played a hand in its success!  And Ron, regarding the 60th bday party, I am happy to help plan the celebration (whether in the Twin Cities or in Fairmont) -- maybe two summers from now?  Who knows, maybe we can get some of the non-reunion/reunion phobia people to come as well.  After all it's just a birthday party. wink All the best to all of you!  

08/18/17 08:05 PM #42    

Alison Eckhardt (Miller)

It was a great reunion, wished I could have been at the last couple! I would also like to thank Mike & Joann for being fabulous hosts and the committee for all of the hard work! Reconnecting with my friends was a joy to my heart, I ask one favor of all of you-please keep Brenda Lemon Fretty in your prayers, maybe all of our strength will get her through this horrible cancer.

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