Scholarship application


Submit 5 copies to Senior Counselor by April 11

PLEASE READ DIRECTIONS AND REQUIREMENTS and then complete the following pages. Type or use black ink. The completed application must be submitted to the Senior Counselor by deadline.

NAME____________________________________GPA_______________ ADDRESS___________________________________PHONE__________ COLLEGE PREFERENCE Applied (Date) Accepted (Date)

1st choice___________________________ __________________________
2nd choice___________________________ _________________________ Intended Major_________________________________________________
List scholarships, grants, financial aid, and amounts for which you have been notified




On a separate sheet of unlined paper with your name and address on the top, list school activities in which you have participated such as clubs, sports, student council, honor societies, or special projects and attach to the back of this application. Please include the years of involvement as well as the sponsor, advisor, or adult supervisor.

List community service activities in which you have participated such as church work, community centers, and youth groups. These activities may be included on the school activities resume additional page or on as many pages as necessary.

On a separate sheet of paper with your name and address on the top prepare an essay on “Leadership and What It Means to Me”. The essay must be 500 words or less and typed or neatly written in black ink.

I verify that the information I have provided is accurate and current to the best of my knowledge.

APPLICANT SIGNATURE_______________________________________ DATE__________________________
PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE________________________________________



___________________________________________________________ I RECOMMEND THIS STUDENT FOR CONSIDERATION: ____________________________________________________________ TEACHER SIGNATURE DATE

____________________________________________________________ ENDORSER SIGNATURE (COMMUNITY LEADER) DATE

____________________________________________________________ SENIOR COUNSELOR SIGNATURE DATE

Relevant information from senior counselor if unable to attend selection meeting.

Foundation scholarships range from $500 to $1,000 and are presented each year at the Senior Recognition Assembly. Scholarships may be used for tuition, room/board, books, and related educational expenses. Check will be written to student upon presentation of a receipt for paid tuition. Specific details will be included in the envelope presented to each awardee. Student applicant must list any financial aid, scholarships, or grants for which he/ she has been notified. Preference is given to students who have not received any financial assistance. Please keep this in mind when submitting an application for a Foundation Scholarship. This helps the Foundation reach a broader base of students who are in need of financial assistance for college.

To be eligible for consideration of a Foundation scholarship, general or named, the applicant must: Be a graduating senior from Fairmont Senior High. Attend the Senior Recognition Assembly unless excused for a school event or activity. Be accepted at an accredited two or four-year college or university or a two- year technical school and use the award in the school year immediately following graduation.

Submit 5 copies of the completed application form and include all of the following items. Applicant will not be considered if any part of the requirements are incomplete
1) A list of school activities: 2) A list of community service activities; 3) An essay on the topic "Leadership ad What It Means to Me"; 4)Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater; and 5)Two endorsement

signatures from any two of the following 1)teacher or coach, and 2)community or church leader. A letter of recommendation would be helpful but not required. Parent or guardian must sign the application but is not considered as an appropriate endorser. Several of our scholarships are dedicated for specific purposes. Please indicate your declared major if you are applying for a named scholarship. The named scholarships are:

MARUKA FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP IN MEMORY OF ROSS & DOLORES (ROTE) MARUKA, MEGAN STEPHENSON AND RUSSELL NEPTUNE shall be given annually to one or more seniors who have demonstrated good character within our community. In 1995, the Dolores Maruka Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Mrs. Maruka by her husband Ross. It is now designated as the Maruka Family Scholarship in memory of Dolores, Ross, and their granddaughter Megan Stephenson. Megan was a 2017 Fairmont Senior High School graduate. Ross was a charter member of the FSHS Foundation, Inc.

SETH BURTON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP for leadership and/or a cross- country participant.

ANTHONY PIZATELLA SCHOLARSHIP for a career in social work, counseling or other related therapy field. This scholarship was funded in 2000 by family and friends of Anthony Pizatella, a member of the class of 1973.

REX STALNAKER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP for technology training was established in 2003 by his loving family for the 1998 FSHS graduate.


DAVIDSON FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP shall be made available to seniors who have declared their intended college major to be a branch of engineering leading to a four year (or greater) bachelor of science degree in electrical, mechanical, industrial or computer engineering from an accredited college or school of engineering. Secondary consideration shall be given to seniors who have declared their intended college major to be in a business related field leading to a four year (or greater) bachelor of science degree in business administration, marketing, management, economics, accounting, or finance from an accredited college or school of business.

BROGAN RADDISH MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP, established 2013, which would have been her year of graduation, shall be awarded to an applicant majoring in a medical field.

ANTHONY “SKIP” DELLIGATTI MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP, established 2016, gives priority to a worthy graduate who 1. is planning to attend Potomac State College 2. contributes a significant amount of time to charity and/or public service.

The following scholarships which have been awarded in the past are no longer available. Frank DiMaria
Tendera Meffe
Bob “Big D” DeLorenzo

Rick and Linda Parker, Rivesville



The FSHS Ramage Memorial Scholarship

The FSHS Ramage Memorial Scholarship established from a generous grant by Rae Carroll Ramage and initially presented in the fall of 2009 shall be presented annually by the Fairmont Senior High School Foundation to a FSHS graduate who is enrolled in a program of study resulting in a terminal degree in a health- care discipline. The program of study may include, but is not limited to dentistry; medicine; nursing; optometry; occupational; physical; speech/language therapy; pharmacy; physician assistant.

The applicant shall present evidence of enrollment in an accredited program and an essay of at least one page and not more than two expressing his/her career plans. The applicant is expected to have completed two years of undergraduate work (four full semesters). The recipient will be awarded one thousand dollars ($1000.00). The applicant would be eligible for renewable funds with a maxi- umu of $3,000 over three years but must reapply and must submit additional documentation with proof of a 2.5 GPA.

Proof of acceptance for an advanced degree includes a copy of the letter of accep- tance and a copy of a receipt of paid tuition for the semester. Additionally, the applicant must complete the pdf form available at cfm and read about Dr. Chesney and Rae Carroll Ramage for whom the scholar- ship is named.

Two endorsements from any two of the following 1)professor, advisor, and/or coach, 2)community or church leader. Parent or guardian must sign the applica- tion but is not considered as an appropriate endorser.

Return all components of the application which must be postmarked by October 1 to
Fairmont Senior High School Foundation, Inc.
Ramage Scholarship Selection Committee

PO Box 91
Fairmont WV 26554-0091






The FSHS Ramage Memorial Scholarship Cover Letter, Application, and Verification available in PDF downloadable issuu format at bottom of window.  Click Open Publication for options to print, share, or read full screen.






Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The mission of the FSHS Foundation is to administer funds for scientific, educational, or charitable purposes by fostering and enhancement of education opportunities for the students of Fairmont Senior High School to enable the school, its teachers, and students to meet the expenses of education and provide a higher quality of education to students.

Our Vision

For over a century, Fairmont Senior High School has been the foundation for thousands of students... ...creating a learning environment where they are challenged to prepare themselves for productive roles in society...promoting lifelong learning among the graduates over the years...fostering achievement and honoring accomplishment. The Fairmont Senior High School Foundation, Inc. now builds upon these traditions and ensures continued success of this institution. It is the vision of the FSHS Foundation to support that mission of continued excellence and provide financial and other assistance to the school, its faculty and students.

A message from President Virginia Davidson

In early 1992 five individuals, each with a common interest in promoting additional educational opportunities for students at Fairmont Senior High School, met and discussed possible initiatives to meet that need. The group included the Fairmont Senior Principal, a faculty member, a local attorney, the owner of an accounting firm, and a long-time, active community volunteer. Out of that meeting was born the Fairmont Senior High School Foundation.

Although the finer details of the Foundation’s mission have seen various minor refinements over the years, the basic purpose of the organization has remained the same; to provide a vehicle for raising and dispensing funds to assist the Faculty in their educational endeavors and providing funds for scholarships for graduating seniors.

I have been honored to serve as the only President of the Foundation since its inception. Because of the generosity of numerous supporters, our Foundation has continued to grow providing numerous monetary grants to meet Faculty needs and every year since the first has provided multiple scholarships to graduating seniors.

Although we have come a long way since that meeting in 1992, there is still much that needs to be done to assist our new group of seniors each year as well as our faculty, who are increasingly asked to do more and more with less support. As post secondary education costs continue to increase dramatically, our new graduates each year face increasing financial obstacles to furthering their education, all at a time when that additional education is becoming a necessity to enter the work force.

Our Foundation is a volunteer organization and definitely needs the maximum support from you and our entire worldwide Fairmont Senior High School community, both in terms of your willingness to work and your financial assistance. With your commitment of service and your valued financial backing, we can continue to provide necessary program reinforcement for our highly respected faculty. And perhaps most important of all, we can help assure that an ever growing portion of each year’s newly minted graduates embark on their chosen career path with a much needed monetary jump-start to encourage early success in their life’s work.

Foundation Membership


Click here for Membership Application and Donor Form

Membership is open to any interested individual, whether or not you are a graduate of Fairmont Senior or have had a child or grandchild attend the school. Anyone who wishes to contribute to the future success of the school can become a member by electing one of the following categories.
$10.00 Friend of the Loop
$25.00 Business
$100.00 Polar Bear Patron
$250.00 Loop Park Benefactor
$500.00 Lincoln Life Membership
Lifetime members are recognized on a plaque in the main hallway of FSHS.


Mr. and Mrs. Ross Maruka

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar O Barrett

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wakefield

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Conley

Mario J. Roman

Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Thompson

Orlando and Virginia Meffe

Virginia and Peale Davidson

Nick and Carmella Fantasia

Dr. Mohammad Roidad         

Bill and Linda Furgason

Dr. Stanard and Linda Swihart

Janice, Stephanie, and Megan Denison

Thomas Bradley Miller

Thomas S. Miller, M.D.

Adam S. Miller

Mrs. Carroll Ramage

William South

Drs. Prasad & Pramada Devabhaktuni

James P. Davidson III

Anne Bomar

Dr. Jack & Mary Ellen Koay

Tom & Lori Kliethermes & family

Diane Hutchinson Parker

Sara Harrold Miller

William Beckers

Jennifer Brumage Tombaugh

Becky Hoult Cassidy

Robert Petres, M.D.

Thomas Llewellyn

Gary Earp

FSHS Foundation, Inc. gratefully acknowledges:

LOOP PARK BENEFACTOR $250.00-$499.00

F. Dwight Lacy

POLAR BEAR PATRON $100.00-$249.00



Foundation Golf Outing

Golf fundraiser currently on hiatus



    • Plaque commemorating auditorium restoration
    • Plaque from the WV Division of Culture and History commemorating listing on the National Register of Historic Places
    • Proclamation from the Marion County Commission by Cecily M. Enos, President, naming May 17, 2002 as Fairmont Senior High School Preservation Day
    • Proclamation by Nick L. Fantasia, Mayor of Fairmont, proclaiming FSHS Day on May 19, 2002
    • Specifications for The New High School published November 1927
    • Program of Dedication for Fairmont High School May 12, 1929 presented by Raymond Alvarez
    • 46th Commencement program of Fairmont High School-1927 at the First Methodist Episcopal Church presented by Mrs. Bobbi Mohrman from the estate of Tom Burnett, D.D.S.
    • 47th Commencement program of Fairmont High School-1928 at the First Methodist Episcopal Church presented by Mrs. Bobbi Mohrman from the estate of Tom Burnett, D.D.S.
    • 48th Commencement program of Fairmont High School-1929 at the First Methodist Episcopal Church presented by Mrs. Bobbi Mohrman from the estate of Tom Burnett, D.D.S.
    • Maple Leaves, 1911, dedicated to M. M. Neely
    • Colorized One cent Postcard of New High School Fairmount [stet.], W. Va. presented by Robert and Patty Feltz
    • Megaphone labeled FHS presented by J. D. Parks
    • Retired band uniform 2004 presented by A. Shawn Dunn and Band Boosters
    • Program Senior Class presents "Lilies of the Field" Director L. Amy Riggle
    • Scrapbook on Fairmont Community Theater, Fairmont High School, and Fairmont State College productions in the 20s presented by Joan D. Knight, widow of Walter L. Knight
    • National Thespian Troupe #2 charter
    • History of FSC and FSHS origins of Alpha Psi Omega
    • Printed by Fairmont State College
             Text: Jo Ann Lough
             Photos: John Piscitelli
             Design: Robert Heffner, Jr.
    • A Commemoration Of The Fairmont Senior High School
    • INTERNATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY TROUPE        Presented by Dr. Daniel J. Bradley, President
             Fairmont State College
             May 17, 2002
    • Mrs. Sam (Helen Moore) Frankman (Class of 1933) scrapbook presented by Marie Frankman
    • Limited edition (nine of ten) photo of fire on February 16, 1979 by Jeff Straight on loan from Glenna Martin
    • Art block of polar bear presented by John W. Phillips
    • Art block of school presented by John W. Phillips
    • Portrait and newspaper clippings of Principal W. E. Buckey presented by his daughter Sarah Buckey McChesney
    • Maple Leaves, 1932, presented by Sarah Buckey McChesney
    • Collection of photos circa 1929 donated from the Ethel Louise Rice estate by Julie A. Parker, WesBanco Trust Officer
    • Hi-Life, January 25, 1929, with front-page article of Fairmont's New High School
    • Down Marker
    • 1942 Maple Leaves once owned by Dottie Graham donated by Sandra Hudson of Indiana in 2007
    • Dennine LaRue donated Commencement programs of the J. O. Watson, class of 1916


Auditorium restoration, undertaken in 2001, continues. The Foundation has generated over $350,000.00 in private funds to appropriately restore the facility. At the rededication gala celebrated the restoration and honored the listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

The week-long events showcased every department including a museum of school artifacts.


    • Choraliers presented a lively concert called 'A Century of Music' featuring songs from each decade...
    • TV broadcast students created and narrated a multi-media production during the concert...
    • Jazz Band performed on senior court...
    • A student art exhibit graced the halls...
    • students in the foods classes provided refreshments...
    • A 'museum' attracted many to the memorabilia of the high school from over the years...
    • The original linen blueprints by Architect William B. Ittner were displayed in the library...
    • FSHS Thespian Troupe was reinstated as #2 once again. Michael Peitz of the International Thespians presented the school with this designation (FSH lost the "Troupe #2" designation in the '70s and was reassigned "Troupe 2243" as a result). Fairmont State College officials were also on hand to present the school with a commemorative plaque now displayed at FSC honoring the establishment of International Thespian Society and Alpha Psi Omega which originated in 1929 in Fairmont...



Phase II auditorium improvements (electrical work, lighting, HVAC and other embellishments such as stage refurbishing). In-kind donations are welcomed for these projects.

Contributions and other fund raising activities are used to provide student scholarships and teacher grants. Contributions can be earmarked by the donor to be used by any of these particular funds. Several businesses and civic groups contribute money to the Foundation to be awarded as well. As a general rule, these scholarships are awarded to deserving students who do not otherwise receive grants or scholarships from colleges or universities yet have maintained high academic achievement and service to their school. This program is a way to recognize their contributions.

How YOU Contribute


We appreciate your support! Thank you for making a difference! Your gift is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. The FSHS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the IRS code.


Endowment gifts create wonderful and tangible legacies. They keep on giving over generations and permanently link the name of the honored person to FSHS.

Endowment gifts can support any program at FSHS. Your gift is carefully invested and a portion of the earnings is spent each year.

Estate Gift

The most common way to make an estate gift is through a bequest in your will. For example, assets that remain when you no longer need them may be bequeathed or a percentage left to FSHS in order to support in perpetuity a program that best reflects your interests and values.


Gifts of stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares, especially if they have appreciated, can have an immediate impact on FSHS and offer you a two-fold tax saving. First, you avoid paying capital gains tax on the increase in value of your stock. In addition, you receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the stock on the date of the gift.

Tribute Gifts

Honor Gifts


What kind of present can you get for the person that has everything? How about making a gift to the FSHS Foundation? Gifts received in honor of an individual will be acknowledged to the person of your choice, and the funds will be utilized as grant money for programs at Fairmont Senior High School.

Teacher Acknowledgment Gifts

Did your teacher make an impact on you or your child? Would you like a way to show your appreciation? What about a gift to the FSHS Foundation in honor of that special teacher? Your teacher will receive a certificate and letter with the information of the gift and any message you would like to include.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts are a lasting way to remember a loved one while still helping provide for the future education of students at Fairmont Senior High School. If you are interested in a longer lasting tribute email and she will give you a specialized list of permanent memorial opportunities.


Resources for student use

In addition, giving opportunities can include donation of property that is deemed suitable or appropriate with a useful life. Any donation of equipment or suitable items will be acknowledged as to their fair market value and that amount will be documented for income tax deductions if requested. The Foundation reserves the right to determine what non-cash items will be accepted.


Foundation Scholarships

The Foundation provides scholarships and financial awards to outstanding graduating seniors in financial support of academic endeavors. A graduating senior from Fairmont Senior High School may appeal to the Foundation for a monetary award for assistance to study in college or trade schools. All applications must be received by March 16 of the school year and scholars must be present at the senior recognition assembly to claim the funds. Applicants may print and complete each of three parts to the process listed as pdf files below.

Teacher Grants 

 **All text and content the responsibility of Carol J. Amos.  Please contact me with additions or corrections.

About Scholarships


The Foundation welcomes the opportunity to create named scholarships for friends, alumni or others with an interest in the high school. Contact the Foundation regarding your interest in establishing a scholarship.


Contributions and other fund raising activities are used to provide student scholarships and teacher grants. Contributions can be earmarked by the donor to be used by any of these particular funds. Several businesses and civic groups contribute money to the Foundation to be awarded as well. As a general rule, these scholarships are awarded to deserving students who do not otherwise receive grants or scholarships from colleges or universities yet have maintained high academic achievement and service to their school. This program is a way to recognize their contributions.


Named scholarships:  Ross and Dolores Maruka, Seth Burton, Anthony Pizatella, Rex Stalnaker, Frank DiMaria, and Davidson Family. Memorials, bequests and contributions to maintain or establish scholarships are always welcomed and encouraged. 2011 was the 18th year that the Foundation has awarded scholarships.  In addition, we have awarded grants to teachers and made other contributions within the guidelines of the Bylaws.

Scholarships can be established to honor loved ones, friends, teachers and others with a significant attachment to Fairmont Senior. The Foundation prefers that an endowed scholarship be funded at an appropriate level to sustain annual awards over time.  There are various options available by contacting Carol Amos. Generally scholarships and monetary awards begin at a level of $1000.00. Donors or organizers of an endowed scholarship may direct the award of the money to a designated person or specify general criteria for applicable candidates. However, the criteria and purpose must be approved by the Foundation Board. The Foundation is happy to provide advice for ways to create such a scholarship.




 Chesney Ramage, only male in the graduating class of 1900, became a doctor and served Fairmont General Hospital with distinction.  His widow, Rae Carroll Ramage left  stock to the FSHS Foundation which established the Ramage Memorial Scholarship.


Todd Copley Rides 600 Miles for Cancer Research to the 1980-1985 Class Reunion.  The ride is over but the struggle continues...Please visit Todd's blog,  send kudoes for his cause, and recognize cancer patients for their courage.  Send in honor of or in memory of names and identifications to

Follow his blog and see video and photos from the road. to read those listed to date.

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