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•   Don Eggar  11/28
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•   Scott Ranken  8/5
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•   Deborah Lynch (Knecht)  9/2
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•   Sharon Erksa  5/30
•   Richard Burkhart  9/1
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Dear Fellow 1975 Jaguars:


                “Good morning, it’s time for the morning announcements.”


Dear lord, why didn’t an English teacher help me with redundancy?  Regardless, it was 40 years ago that Ed Senn, Bernie Pazanowski and I helped you kick off your day  (you can tell me now - did anyone listen?).  It was a pretty cool gig for a 17 year old who had fantasies about being a sports announcer.  Until that day when, after reminding everyone that overdue library books needed to be returned in order to get report cards, I had to go just that one step further.  “Unless you don’t want to get that report card.”  Once Ed and Bernie stopped guffawing we all looked up to see Mrs. Ryan steaming through the glass of the door.  After a carefully crafted apology, I still managed to graduate without having to attend a remedial class on the Dewey Decimal System.  But I did learn to be careful what you broadcast to a vast audience (hmmm … Facebook much?) and take ownership of your deeds, good and bad.

Now you may all be wondering why you’re getting this email from me.  That falls under “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”  Because Ed asked me to.

But I really do want to add my voice to the dinner bell calling all to the reunion,  which some of you may find amusing as I’ve never been much of a fan of reunions.  But this one speaks to me.  Perhaps because I can’t understand how we could be having a 40th reunion when none of us are over 39.  Ok 45 - but we all definitely look younger than our parents did at this age.  Perhaps because I really want to see if anyone else remembers the stories Ed, Mindy Crawford Scott, Colleen Crowder, Caroline Stites, and Michele Barbaro Messinger tell about me that I absolute DO NOT BELIEVE happened.  Or perhaps because it’s just time for a really good party.

We are about 2 weeks away from the festivities, wonderfully orchestrated by Terry Rankin and Ed Senn with lots of help from fellow classmates:  Terry Genduso and Kathy Albertson who are putting together the musical playlist; Jack Stone who is coordinating the school tour and luncheon; Michele Barbaro Messinger and Ed Senn who are crafting the Saturday night program; and everyone who has made suggestions or is planning to bring yearbooks, pictures and other memorabilia.

But most of all we need YOU - with your memories from school, stories of life since then, and yes, pictures of the grandkids. 

So sign up now (, send your check to Terry, and COME.  Because if you don’t you know we’ll talk about you.

Judy DePalma