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02/21/09 07:30 PM #24    

Michael Swanson

This is really nice, you are doing a great job here. Cant wait to see you all.

02/21/09 09:28 PM #25    

Terri Lemon (Friesth)

Having a great time with the website. I too would like to know more about our deceased friends, i hope a special memorial will be set up for them.. Maybe people who knew them best can write a little something for it? I thought it might be fun to bring the ol' senior yearbook to the reunion, and get more writing and signatures...we will see! I will definitly bring photos of the dinner/dance and lock in. See you all there!

04/09/09 05:45 PM #26    

Kimberly Koester (Urdiales)

I love the idea of bringing photos from our HS times together! Maybe we could pin them all up for everyone to see.

04/23/09 08:05 AM #27    

Amy Calhoon (Guthrie)

I cannot imagine the work involved in pulling this all together. Thanks so much to all of you on the reunion committee. Please know that your hardwork is very appreciated! I, too, was deeply touched by seeing the "In Memory" page-- such a shock to see so many lives lost. I love the idea of honoring them in some special way. I am looking forward to seeing you all this summer!
Amy Calhoon Guthrie

05/05/09 10:29 AM #28    


Deann Maschino (Faiferlick)

Hey everyone!

I hope you are enjoying catching up with classmates before the reunion. I know I am!

Angie Rhodes Copper just informed me that 4 classmates have returned their registration forms. We have 111 classmates that have confirmed they are coming to the reunion, so we are a few short :)

I know everyone is busy, but if you could take a few minutes to print, complete, and mail the form with your registration fee, it would really help us out. Angie has already paid some of the major expenses, but there are some additional expenses to cover and the checkbook is getting low. If you have any problems printing out the form, let one of us know and we can email you the attachment.

05/18/09 06:56 PM #29    

Angela Rhodes (Copper)

If anyone has any great talent to share with us during the reunion weekend, please let us know. We are working to get a program together for Saturday evening and would love to include the talents of our classmates! Thank you!

05/21/09 11:23 AM #30    


Deann Maschino (Faiferlick)

I think you should sing a solo, Angie!

05/21/09 05:23 PM #31    

Angela Rhodes (Copper)

That's nice of you, Deann! A solo is out of the question! I was wanting OTHER PEOPLE'S TALENT!!

05/25/09 12:39 PM #32    

Mark Vandivier

I would like to thank you for letting me be apart of the 20yr reunion.It's going to be great seeing everyone.As we get older we sure do loose touch and it's hard to get that back.Can't waite to hear from people that i haven't talked to in years.

05/26/09 09:54 PM #33    

David Eastwood

I left the company of so many good people, so many years ago. It has been nice to scroll through the names and bios and remember some of you going back to grade school. I do not think I will be attending the reunion but I am trying to get my schedule worked out. Thanks to all for setting up this site and letting me be a part of it even though I didn't "actually" graduate with you.

06/09/09 05:16 PM #34    


Deann Maschino (Faiferlick)

Time is running out to save money!! Please send your registration form and check to Angie Rhodes Copper as soon as possible. After June 15th, the cost goes up. What are you waiting for???

07/05/09 09:14 PM #35    

Angela Rhodes (Copper)

If anyone would have pictures of our classmates who have passed away, we would love to get a copy for the reunion. Please let me know.
Thank you!

07/17/09 02:28 PM #36    

Kimberly Koester (Urdiales)

Hi, I'm wondering since it isn't mentioned on the reunion page if there wil be a DJ, & dance ? If not, could we load our ipods with some '80s tunes to jam out to :)

07/20/09 04:14 PM #37    

Angela Rhodes (Copper)

We do have a DJ for Saturday night. If you want to bring ipods for Friday, that would be great!

07/21/09 12:02 AM #38    

Mark Hersom

Juli & I thank all those that have put this web site together. I do hope it brings some of us back in touch. With everyones hectic lives that we live now, I am glad that I took time to stop and read and reflect.
Safe travels to all and be great to see again!

07/21/09 01:19 PM #39    

Kimberly Koester (Urdiales)

COOL! Thanks Angie, I know this has been taking a lot of your time this summer.
I am Really looking forward to a great time :)

08/09/09 05:11 PM #40    

Tonya Richardson (Wagner)

Thank you to all who were involved in organizing the reunion. There was a great turn out and I think everyone had a good time. Thanks for all your hard work!!

08/12/09 11:09 PM #41    

Suzanne Seehusen

I too want to thank everyone involved with the planning and execution of the reunion! does anyone have extra pictures they can share for those of us who left cameras at home?

08/12/09 11:31 PM #42    

Tena Pederson (Hovey)

Thanks Ladies I had a great time!!And thanks again for remembering me..It was awesome catching up with everyone..Let me no if ya need help for the next one..Tena

08/19/09 11:25 AM #43    

Brenda Axness (Shadravan)

Thanks again to all involved in planning and organizing the reunion. I know we are all busy with our lives and our children and their activities so I appreciate all your hard work. Was well organized and I had a good time, as I think most people did.

08/24/09 06:27 PM #44    

Amy Calhoon (Guthrie)

Thanks, ladies, for all of your hard work on a fun weekend! We all really appreciate it! I was wondering if you had any information on being able to order the reunion class picture? Thanks so much!
Amy Calhoon Guthrie

09/20/09 11:56 AM #45    

Alicia Gill (Parks)

Just found this website on a fluke.... Nice to see all the hard work that someone has put in to give our class an opportunity to connect with friends of years gone past... Hope to stay in touch now and sorry I missed our reunion.... God Bless and well wishes!

06/07/17 11:32 AM #46    

Alicia Gill (Parks)

Just wondering if there is any thinking going on about a 30 year reunion in the next couple of years...

07/29/17 12:46 AM #47    

Melody Boitnott (Sorenson)

Hope to see you too😉

08/04/19 02:45 AM #48    


Cindy Mahon

Doesn’t really surprise me the 30 year reunion was a bust. I’m just a bit sad to not see those I would have loved to have seen. Then again, most of those classmates would probably not have come. Too bad our class was more clicks than accepting. 

Maybe at 40?

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