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David Olmstead

David Olmstead

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05/19/13 07:07 PM #1    

Patty Magennis (Ross)

Patty Magennis here.  I don't think many of you realize that Dave was my cousin.  Son of my father's younger sister. Perhaps many of you don't realize Dave was part of our class.  He was VERY quiet, a very talented pianist by avocation and an introvert by heredity. Poor soul, I think it can now be told (no one really left to hurt by this info) that he ended his own life.  I know the angels welcomed him.  I think that knowledge alone is the blessing of our faith.


05/20/13 04:05 PM #2    

Robert Wolf

I remember Dave we were friends. We were both kind of quiet.


05/20/13 04:39 PM #3    

Tom Koch

Thanks, Patty.  I always felt bad about his death and knew that he took his own life.  Dave was part of my first and last attempt to be a rock star.  Pat Heman, Dave and I would meet at Pat's house to practice and we even performed once at Corpus Cristi.  He was very talented...I was not a drummer, and we all know how good Pat became.  Dave was definitely an introvert and a gentle person, but very interesting with a sense of humor if you could get him to talk.  Thanks for the chance to miss him again. TJK

05/20/13 05:05 PM #4    

Dan Bednar

thanks for sharing. i did not know david that well.thanks for keeping it real.your note keeps us focused. hope you are well?


05/24/13 04:13 PM #5    

Chris Cotant

Another fuzzy memory about  those years.  Believe Dave enrolled later in our grade school years.. 6th or 7th grade?

I had some very brief encounters  and some  of those  weird, yet wonderful, connections with him... chess, science and his off-beat personality and his love for music and drums.

It wasn't a close connection at all, l  still remember at times about not making friends and not fitting in...    Mostly due  to sensitivity... personalites... about false masks and personas... all about essence that needed to develop and that we had no clue about.

I did note his passing... I suspect  that he was a genuis not discovered, a young man not understood, and a lonely soul that lives forever for some later  day and still lives on.... in his own way.

05/25/13 07:54 PM #6    

Steve Millea

Dave Olmstead was good people, he probably did not hurt anyone or anything in his life.



05/26/13 08:28 PM #7    

Julie Ault (Smith)

I always liked Dave.  Always a smile on his face.  He used to come into our Meat Market to get things for

his grandma, I believe, who lived just a block from the store, and we always chatted.  He was such a great drummer.

A truly nice guy who was just a little quieter than some of the rest of us.     

06/21/13 07:33 PM #8    

Sandy Wilkins (Cain)

sorry i didnt get to know him better, such a nice guy

03/16/18 09:55 PM #9    

Dean Barnett (Barnett)

I recall a summer when Dave and I tried to design a working rocket. It didn't go well, of course, but it was fun anyhow. And then we thought we'd learn karate from a paper back instruction book. That was less successful. I think we spent most of those times really trying to learn to roll joints than be Bruce Lee.

10/01/20 02:53 PM #10    

Gary Jeffers

Dave had a very cool guitar with an onboard amplifier.  Quite collectible today.  He taught me a lot on guitar.  I performed with him at least once.  I am saddened to hear of his passing.  I liked him a lot.

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