Things You Should Know

We are adding a list of fun questions to get the ball rolling.  It has been how long?  40 years?  Lets get to know each other all over again.  A lot has changed and some things have stayed the same.  Where have the years gone!  Take a minute to go through the questions.

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1)   What is the one convenience you wouldn't do without

2)   What is a nickname you have had in the past?

3)   What is an unanswered question you would like to ask your grandparents?

4)   What was one of your favorite family dinners as a child?

5)   What is one of the first things you read in the newspaper?

6)   What was a favorite saying of one of your parents?

7)   What is one thing that you really like about where you live?

8)   How did your parents meet?

9)   What famous person have you shaken hands with?

10)   What is one of your all-time pet peeves?

11)   Discribe something that made your mother happy?

12)   Describe something that made your father happy?

13)   What was one of your favorite childhood toys or games?

14)   What is your favorite tv program today?

15)   When you turn 60, how do you plan on celebrating that milestone day?

16)   What is one movie that has brought you to tears?

17)   What is one habit from childhood that has stayed with you into adulthood?

18)   If you could give away a huge amount of money, who would you give it to?

19)   What important lesson have you learned since high school?