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Mark Laufersweiler

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05/28/13 09:14 PM #1    

John Hogan

I hung around with Mark in grade school (yup....representing Sacred Heart, the best of the Catholic grade school triumvirate).  I can't count how many afternoons I spent hours at his house making sophomoric prank phone calls.  I remember laughing so hard I wept.  I really didnt have the capacity then, or now for that matter, to absorb his death or those of other classmates that were so young.


“The highest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude.
? Thornton Wilder

06/14/13 10:53 AM #2    

Mike Tilton

Well, our friendship started out jumping on the Walker trampoline, it was located right across the street from Sally Shimkat

say 6th,7th or 8th grade. There was always a large group of guys and some girls too. Before we knew it we were like

brothers not just friends. The overnight stays at Mark's house were the best. This huge house and we saw and played in  

most of them, some were outright scarey. We ruled the neighborhood and crawford park like it was our domain. His mom

was something else, sometimes very strict and sometimes very easy going. In 9th and 10th grade we started campouts in

his back yard, there was Bill Dowd, Tom Doyle, Mike Smith, Jerry Sells and a few others. Did we get in alot of trouble and

had alot of fun also, ask Janelle Hammer. Twas one of the toughest days the day we carried Mark out of the funeral home

and onto the cemetary. God Bless His soul and all of the lost souls of 1973.




06/14/13 03:33 PM #3    

Margaret (Peg) Tarbox (Hyndman)

I remember when we were in grade school, Mark and I had to go to summer school at St. Paul's Lutheran.  Apparently, they can read better than we could.  After school, he would ask if I wanted to go play in the basement of the funeral home in the caskets.  That was not my thing then.  Now I teach Death and Dying. He was so funny in these classes.  It was just the two of us, and the teacher was always rolling her eyes at Mark's remarks.  RIP friend.


06/15/13 09:31 PM #4    

Dan Bednar

visited mark laufersweiler at mercy hospital shortly before he died as a teenager i was not emotionally prepared for death or the acutal ravages done to the human body by cancer. mark was very talkative and tried make me feel comfortable. however seeing mark in that state was like seeing a ghost.i was not a very good hospital visitor. i kept the visit short and as i left the hospital room and the nurse on duty asked if i were okay. apparently i looked like i was going to faint.whew! that was an eye opening experience.a fellow high school classmate is dying of cancer and i blew it big time.

 mark i apologize for not being very talkative or being a very good visitor the last time i saw you. i just know you are in a better place and hopefully you are looking down on us and praying for us to keep us save

06/21/13 06:09 PM #5    

Sandy Wilkins (Cain)

Mark Lauf was my first date to a dance.  Of course it was sadie hawkins, and I asked/begged him to go with me.  I dont think we said 3 words, both of us were pretty shy back then.  I have a nephew with his name that reminds me of him daily.  He was a great guy, still missed


06/21/13 10:29 PM #6    

Jean McGough (Severson)

My mom and Mark's mom were very good friends and I remember when I overheard her telling my aunt the Mark had cancer, after she spoke with Mark's mom, and how we needed to pray for him.  I was shocked because hey, he was just a high school kid and no one gets cancer at that age!  She told me I absolutely could NOT tell anyone about this until much later.  What a hard thing to keep quiet about at that time.  And we did pray.

His death had such an impact on our class, and little did we know, we would mourn again, as a class.  There are some classmates we may not remember as well as others, but Mark, Marcia and Greg, you have never been forgotten.

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