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07/07/12 04:48 PM #1    

Mary Roberts (Stark)

Welcome to the Fort Knox High School Classes Of 1960 - 1969 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

09/06/12 04:18 PM #2    

Dennis O'Brien

Mary: You did a great job setting up this web page. Hope to see you in the Spring. Thanks. Dennis O'Brien

09/07/12 06:36 PM #3    

Mary Roberts (Stark)

Dennis--thanks so much!  Hope to see you, too!  It's going to be so much fun!  Mary 

10/10/12 04:14 PM #4    

Alex Morales


I hope this is the Mary of the 64 class. It's great to hear from you and  Thank you for the site.

After so many years ......remmembering FK ....makes you feel young again.





10/19/12 01:23 PM #5    

Mary Roberts (Stark)

Same Mary!  Hope to see you at the reunion!

10/23/12 01:03 PM #6    

Stephanie Little (Blair)


This is a well done site, and I applaud your ability and diligence it keeping it up. Such a great place to reconnect and find out where people are. We, the classes of FKHS 60's, are lucky to have such a member in our group!! I hope all that can will sign in and attend the reunion at Myrtle Beach.

Stephanie "Stevi Little" Blair 1961 

02/09/13 03:44 PM #7    

Linda McAfee



You have no idea how much fun we are having putting this together.  Mary designed the Website all by herself and we think she's awesome!!  Glad you are pleased and so glad you are planning to attend!  Thanks for taking the time to let us hear such special words!!!  See you soon...Lin

05/03/13 11:48 AM #8    

Chuck Yarling

Yes, Mary did a fantastic job on the website. And to think it's going to be around for a long time is a good thing!

05/06/13 04:16 PM #9    


Earl Rust (Rust)


Here is a link to my photos of the FKHS reunion in April, 2013

You may be asked to log in.  Just create a user name and password; it is free.  Enjoy.

03/24/15 02:44 PM #10    

Olga Cruz

Yes it definitely makes one feel young again to be able to communicate with High School friends. I am glad we have this website.

03/25/15 02:05 PM #11    


Linda Boggess (Falmlen)

Excited for the reunion in San Diego.  ????

03/26/15 12:44 PM #12    

Peg Shanahan

I am, it has been way too long.

03/27/15 03:33 PM #13    

Jim McManus

Patsy Van Buskirk McManus

I look forward to renewing friendships and having a fun time.

03/28/15 12:37 PM #14    

Mary Roberts (Stark)

I am so ready for the reunion and definitely looking forward to it!

04/02/15 11:09 AM #15    

Donna Shreve (McLaughlin)

Agree.  Agree.  One week out and I can hardly wait.. So much to do and so many friendships and memories to revisit.. Look out San Diego.. Here we come.. No worries, Mary.. We will have lots of wine!!

see you all soon

05/25/15 12:13 PM #16    


Earl Rust (Rust)

Very sad to hear about about Bob Patten's passing.

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