Videos of 50s/60s

Here's a slideshow with a great bunch of photos from Ft. Lauderdale that were taken in the 50s and 60s. Who knows, you may see yourself in some of the pictures. Go to URL:


If you liked that, you may also like hearing Connie Francis sing "Where the Boys Are." No matter where we went when we left Ft. Lauderdale, we were automatically welcomed because everyone knew about where we came from.


Check out these photos from early Broward County (1906 to 1967). They include the home of Frank Stranahan and a bunch of other interesting shots. Thanks to Marcia Voss Norman for providing the link.


These are not our classmates and this is not Ft. Lauderdale, but we can all relate to the music, cars and products in this video. It takes about eleven minutes to watch, so crank up the volume, click on the URL, sit back and enjoy.


Or listen to dozens of song snippets with their original artists from our high school days at:


Check out this online juke box that shows videos of musical acts from the 1950s and 1960s: