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11/14/13 07:54 AM #12    


Kenneth (Ken) Hughes

Just spent some quality time viewing the pictures from the class of "68" reunion....... pretty great shots....... I saw several familiar faces from my Indian Villiage , Kekionga, SSHS days...... some of you have gotten older, blush. Sorry I missed it, If

I can figure out how to do it I`ll be brave enough to post a recent picture..... 

Hope to see everyone at the next one.... I`d be happy to help in the planning..... all my best to everyone.

Peace..... Ken Hughes*

11/14/13 03:00 PM #13    


Steve Smith

What the Hey, classmates are using the forum. The reunion really was fun, sorry I've missed so many. One thing really struck me. It was how great the women looked. I have a younger wife and I thought that 63 year old women would lose some of their luster. I was so wrong, almost without excepyion, you all looked absolutely fantastic. I guess that 60 is the new 40. I tip my hat to the beautiful women from the class of 68, beautiful then, beautiful now.

11/15/13 06:26 PM #14    


Laura Leffers (Bybee)

Well, Sally is very good looking.  I had my glasses, I swear it's true.

11/15/13 08:47 PM #15    


Sally Clarke (Anspach)

Love you Laura!

11/16/13 08:55 AM #16    

Cathy Frederick (Hetzel)

I so agree Laura. And another was Carole Jackson. Amazing how she never ahes!

11/16/13 11:31 AM #17    


Carole Jackson (Schoenefeld)

Love you, Cathy!  :  )

11/16/13 11:00 PM #18    


W. David Lee

Sorry I missed the reunion - again.  I've only made one.  It's a long trip from Tallahassee, Florida.  I have very fond memories of SSHS and enjoy reading through clasmate profiles.  I was a pretty quite kid so you may not remember me.

11/17/13 11:25 AM #19    


William Briegel

It does me good to see all these people getting along and being gnerous with the compliments(truths) actually


11/17/13 02:03 PM #20    


Alan McKibben

Most of you probably remember Steve Mansbach, well his father is being awareded France's "Legion of Honor" today in Indianapolis.  

He was a hero during WW2 and is receiving this very prestigious award from France.  

I knew him growing up, I was in Steve's cub scout den as well as living in Indian Village.  It seemed at the time though, most from WW2 generation did not talk about their experience, too painful to remember and just wanting to get on with their lives.  Steve will present him this award this afternoon..

Here is a link to the story!

11/18/13 08:11 PM #21    


Jeanette DeVore

Al - Thanks for telling us about Steve Mansbach's father getting the "Legion of Honor."  The newspaper article was really interesting, and it was touching to read how humble the war hero is and how proud of him Steve is.


And thanks to everyone who has posted here.  It's great to hear that people had a good time at the reunion, and great to hear from all of you, period.  As for me, I'm still floating on a cloud of friendship and comfortable familiarity from the reunion.  It reminded me what a good group of classmates we had, and how much it matters to re-connect with each other as the years pass by.  

I hope you all continue to be well . . . and continue to write!




06/29/14 11:41 PM #22    


Mark Jared Smith

I havent written anything for sometime. I have been busy with my bucket travel list. Last year I traveled down to Texas and through the South to Florida. After Florida I went into Georiga and visited my neice. From there I traveled through Alanta and into the Blue Ridge Mountains. After that I made a bee line for home.

 In Texas; I have been to Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso, and Corpus Christy. Many small towns like Waco, Kerrville, and Centerpoint. My favorite place to visit is Port Aransas. A little Town on a little Island just off the coast of the large state of Texas. A beautiful place that is a small paradise with some of the friendiest people. And some of the best fishing. This year I did much the same as last year. I rode my Harley Trike and hit the road. It took me on another adventure. Deep sea fishing that was great. I kind of felt like Hemmingway on a great adventure. As usual all things had to come to an end. To be memories of ones past. 

And now I am back in Fort Wayne. Next year God willing my next adventure is to travel through as many states as I can, staying off the interstates and main roads and visit the America that you do not hear too much of. 

But my favorite past time is my family. I have been blessed with a wonderful wife, wonderful children, and wonderful, beautiful Grandchildren. Riches do not mean anything. But a loving family is more precious than Gold. What more can you ask for.

And lookin back, that is the way these reunions are, we are like a scattered family. We meet again spend a little time together.

One thing I know, I really like these reunions. It is good to reconnect. To talk about old times, and talk about our families and what dreams we want to accomplish. Yeah, surprising, at our age we have dreams or as thay say a,"bucket list." 

From my youth to now, every memory, the time spent, up to now it seems like it went by in a blink of an eye. But you know what, I enjoyed every brief moment. And I plan to enjoy what ever time God gives me. And I hope all the same for my classmates. Enjoy.


06/30/14 09:50 AM #23    

Bonnie Hagerman

Love to hear that you are enjoying life!  "Life is like riding a bicycle ( or Harley trike in your case).  In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving".  Happy trails, grandpa!........Bonnie Hagerman 

04/08/15 11:35 PM #24    

David Piercy

It has been some time since the reunion, and I wanted to share with all how much I enjoyed seeing everyone that special night.  I wish more would have attended, but life goes on. I know that the class of 68 was a special one. We have all moved on with our lives, but there were very special relationships formed during those few years of high school. Some had special loves and some had loves which never manifested, but we all made it to serve society in some special way.  Carol Jackson looked great, Bonnie Meyers, a very dear person in my life, gorgeous, Sue Summers always pretty, wish she would smile more, what a face,remember giving her a ride home in my Dodge, Kathy Azar, my middle school sweetheart, just as I would expect, an angle, and then there were all my high school buddies, Jim O, Liz his wife a peach, Pat, his brother, Steve Loomis, Rod, and those I wished were there, Doug, and John, my prayers are with them. We could of had more food, and maybe asked the nerd doing the music to turn it up, we may be old but god we can rock, and maybe just talked more with each other.  We all have come a long way in our lives and I hope we realize what is really important.  The next one, loud music, our era, great desserts, hell at this point who cares what we eat, and dance, dance, dance. I love my class of 68.



04/09/15 05:05 PM #25    

Polly Rea

I'm with you, Dave. Let's dance!



04/09/15 05:44 PM #26    


Kathy Azar (Hockman)

And can he dance!!!  Impressive.. That Dave!

04/09/15 07:17 PM #27    


Carole Jackson (Schoenefeld)


Couldn't agree more about how great it is to see everyone at the reunions.  Would you like to be on the committee next time?  We're always looking for input on how to make things better.  


10/05/15 04:10 PM #28    


Kathy Azar (Hockman)

Sad news today....I went to O'Daniels to get my vehicle looked at.  Josh Loomis, son of Steve Loomis always takes care of me.  When I was ready to leave, I told him to tell his papa I said hello.  He told me his dad passed away...I know he said the viewing will be this Thursday...and I think he said the funeral is Friday.  I tried to google...couldn't find ...maybe too soon.   We grew up a street over.  He was always around....Nice guy.  RIP raised a really good son....

10/06/15 08:21 AM #29    


Kenneth (Ken) Hughes

My goodness, sorry to hear about Steve. We reconnected a few years back. Thank you for sharing Kathy. 

10/06/15 09:42 AM #30    


John Hume

Wow,sorry to hear this. Steve always had a smile on his face. Great guy! RIP Steve.

I know that Steve had liver cancer and it was in remission .

10/06/15 11:43 AM #31    


David Katz

I am sorry to hear about Steve.  I knew him since we went to John S. Irwin grade school.

10/06/15 02:49 PM #32    


Larry Dray

So sorry to hear about the passing of Steve.  He lived down the street from me, across Oxford Street, if I remember correctly.  We exchanged emails a couple of years aga.  He was a good person.

10/06/15 08:19 PM #33    


Connie Coolman (Teeple)

So sorry to hear about Steve. I  have very fond memories of him in Jr High and at South Side

10/06/15 09:17 PM #34    


Evangelos (Angelo) Ioannou

Wow! I am also very sorry to hear about Steve's passing.

Many good memories of Steve during my junior high experiences.

Steve's smile stood out in a crowd.

My condolences to the family.

10/07/15 08:31 PM #35    


Philip Dodge (Dodge)

Sorry to hear of Steve's passing, condolences to his family. I remember him as an always smiling friendly guy. Rest in Peace Steve.

10/08/15 11:23 AM #36    


Mark Jared Smith

I am sorry to hear of Steves passing. My condolences to his family and friends in this time of grief and in this time of sadness at his loss. He was always cheerful and smiling when I passed him in the hallways at Southside. He had a greeting for all of whom he saw. Always a smile creasing his face with a friendly Hi.            Rest in peace my classmate.

You will be missed by all as time passes by.


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