How to load pictures


Here is how to upload your pictures to the class web site.
Go to The Class  home page and log in.
Hit Enter
In the left column Click on Edit/upload Photo's under Member Function
Enter your E-mail and password that you used to create your profile.
Hit Enter
Click on Upload New Photo
Click on Add File
Click on first picture and hold shift key down and then click on last picture (this will highlight all the pictures in folder or click on the first picture and hold down the Ctrl button then you can click on different pictures if you have alot of repeats).
After pictures are highlighted click open and upload to Class web site.


1) Create a folder in your document folder and title it "your first name" #1. (There might be more later)
2) Drag in about 10mb of pictures (Right click on folder after dragging 4-5 pictures in it, go down to properties and left click or put the cursor over the folder it will tell how big the folder is this will show if it can take more or less pictures).
3 After folder is full (around 10+ mb right click on it , go to "Send to" left click and send it to "Compressed zip folder". Now computer will create another folder named "your first name" #1 but it will be a compressed folder. This will be a zipped (or compressed) file and you'll be able to e-mail it. Otherwise, if you have hundreds of photo's drag them to a CD and mail it out.
(If you name the folder "Reunion 1" and the recipient gets 40 files with the same name they will write over each other and erase each other out).
Then create a second folder and name it "Your First Name #2, and so on and so forth.
I don't know if Apple computers work this way.
To copy and paste off a .pdf file loses quality.
That's my suggestion. Mailing a CD would probably be easier. I hope I didn't lose anyone.