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•   Carol Lukasik (Kyle)  11/12
•   Bill Stoops  11/12
•   Larry Lucas (Lucas)  11/12
•   Nancy Meneely (Corwin)  11/11
•   Marcia Darlene Haworth (Jasper)  9/7
•   Joseph Brown  9/7
•   John Scott  9/7
•   Harriet Eldridge (Chapman)  3/14
•   Lalora Arlene Lewis (Hale)  2/2
•   Shirley Hiatt (Hodgen)  11/27
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•   Binnie Spray (Bragg)  12/10
•   Warner Clark  12/24
•   Pat Dubach (Bushman Class Of 62)  12/28



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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 52.0%

A:   39   Joined
B:   36   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)

Frankfort High School
Class Of 1958

Welcome To The Frankfort Indiana High School Class of 1958 Web Site

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The Class of 58 site was started 9/11/2008, since that time we have had over 101,800 visitors.  You can look at the top of the Home Page to see the latest number.   The home page counter has a 24 hour time clock (cookie). This means if a visitor accesses your home page over and over again in a 24 hour block of time (which is typical when browsing around your site), they are only counted 1 time. If the same visitor returns to your home page after 24 hours, the visitor is then counted again 1 time. This 24 hour time clock was put in place to provide a good assessment of the actual number of visitors your site is receiving as opposed to counting every single hit to your home page, which provides a distorted view of actual visitors. 

An Interview with Jim Morrison from Frankfort's class of 1957.

Check out the Class of 58 Frankfort, Indiana Facebook Page. That page allows us to post unlimited pictures. Please keep your information up to date on this site (Classcreator) we use it to contact you.

This will take you back to the 50's Click on the small arrow when the page opens.

Click here: Beany's Drive Thru - Long Beach, California - 1952-53 on Vimeo

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John Beacham (Class Of 59) 03/29/20    
Donna Joseph (Douglas) 02/28/20    
Millard (See) 02/28/20    
Fred Campbell 02/28/20    
Larry Coulter (Class Of 57) 02/28/20    
Larry Hampton 02/28/20    
Linda Bates (Van Meter Anderson) 02/28/20    
Jeff Eberle (Class Of 61) 02/28/20  


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 Click on the year, It will take you to that web site. If you would like to be a guest member of the class of 57 site let me know.

1955 -administrator, Lynda Clark Laughner

1957 -administrator, Bill Stoops 
1959 -administrator, Bill Stoops
1960 -administrator, Lynda Clark Laughner


Anyone harassing or otherwise bothering anyone on this site will be barred from future use. The site is for the enjoyment  and fellowship of the class of 58. If you are being bothered by anyone on this site please contact me and I will remove that person from future use of the site.