Carol Longcore Miller

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Carol Longcore
Residing In: Montclair, VA USA
Spouse/Partner: Jon
Occupation: personal trainer; substitute teacher, retired now
Children/Grandchildren/Great-Grandchildren/???: 2 children: Brad, b1965; Ryan, b1973; 2 grandchildren: Drew, b1991, Dena, b1994
Yes! Attending Reunion

As Louie DeKryger would say, "Bless my mortarboard!" Here we are, at the Big One. I think this will be the most fun of all. I'm really looking forward to it.

School Story:

Some random thoughts: My h.s. years as being some of the happiest and most rewarding, with few exceptions. One slight one, however. Do any of the girls recall being "allowed" to wear slacks to school, UNDER OUR SKIRTS/DRESSES, (in the dead of winter to keep our legs warm) then being required to remove them when we got to school? Try to explain THAT one to your children and grandchildren!

Other random, useless thoughts:
I loved all my teachers. But a few are in a category all their own, as I'm sure most of you would agree. For me, I placed them as follows:

Most brilliant: Bob Kraai
Nicest: Ethel Adair
Funniest: Virgil Quast
Most uptight: Sylvia Blandford
Most laid-back: Frank Demmon
Most volatile: Jack Fosheim
Most beautiful: Janice Brockway
Best figure: Betty Jacksteit (right, guys?)
Most handsome: Howard Swanson
Best All-around: John DeJong

55 Years of your Life in a Capsule:

After graduating, went to Central Michigan, dropped out, worked awhile, got married, raised 2 boys, spent 2 tours each in Texas and California in the Marine Corps before settling in Washington, D.C. area. Military friends have been some of the best and closest to this day. Went back to school, got my bachelor's degree. I've been down in the valley and up on the mountain top, resulting in a wiser me, and a deeper faith that He controls my life, and it's His plan, not mine. Each day is a blessing, and I'd be remiss if I didn't include my formative years in the best school, and with the best classmates anyone could have.

In which cities have you lived?

Bridgeton. There is no other place.

If you could build a second house, an ideal home, where would you build it?

On any beach

How many family members still live within 50 miles of Fremont?


Most interesting job:

Front desk at a gorgeous Marriott Suites hotel

Most boring job:

I'm never bored

In which foreign countries have you lived?


Should you live elsewhere, would you consider moving back to the Fremont area?


If retired, what did you retire from in your "productive" years?

see above

What do you do in your spare time?

work in the yard, read; go to the gym; love to cook...into bread-baking now; lots of church work....Clerk of Session for the last 3 yrs.; jog every day (or try to) with our golden retriever, Brandy----no greater therapy for the mind and soul!

What did you "always want to do" that you have not (yet) done?

read the Bible cover to cover (working on that)Still working on it. I'm a slow reader.

Have you done something that you always told yourself you would not do?

Forgive Geraldine Vallier for scarring for life my tender, young, little soul with her tirade one day over my ineptitude at the piano.

Favorite teacher(s) at FHS:

Bob Kraai, Ethel Adair, Janice Brockway

Favorite sport(s):


Favorite food:

Italian; fresh, homemade bread; Caruso's ice cream, most all fruit

Favorite movie:

Dr. Zhivago; A Few Good Men; any with Jack Nickelson or Kevin Costner

Favorite music:

classical, smooth jazz, Rolling Stones

Interesting people you have met:

J. Willard (Bill) Marriott and his family, Britt Hume, Roy Jones, Jr., Jim Nabors, Marion Leibowitz (mother of Jon Stewart, tv host), Justice Clarence Thomas

Number of pairs of shoes in your closet?

too many

Number (approx) of emails that you receive in a month?

same as above

Who do you think the next presidential/vice presidential candidates will be? Do you agree that that candidate will be a good president? (yes/no).

Any truly conservative Repulican who has the ability to clean up the dispicable conditions created from the previous 8 years, and save our Constitution.

Yes. There is nowhere to go but up.

Have you ever seen anyone born?

no, but I've felt it!

Have you ever been on television?


Can the car(s) you drive be described as "SUV", "Hybrid", "Sports Car" or "Sedan"?


What inscription would you like on your tombstone?

Doesn't matter, because after I'm gone, he'll change it to: ""She spent it all."

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