Esther Morphew Saunders

Profile Updated: March 6, 2019
Residing In: Byron Center, MI USA
Occupation: Accountant
Children/Grandchildren/Great-Grandchildren/???: Two children, Larrry and Dena, grandchildren are Heather, Amber, Ryan, Alec and Lillie. Ony one great More…grandchild, Ethan. The latest born are Lillee who was born in 2007 and Ethan born in 2006.

Such a blessing that all are well and happy.

School Story:

Have good memories from our high school days in Fremont. Memorable teachers such as Mr. Kraai, Ms. Orr as well as Mr. Fosheim were such dedicated teachers as well as just good people. Can't recall at the moment the owners name for the icecream store downtown, but I do remember the butterscotch sundae we ate while also eating our packed lunches. I can still picture the husband and wife who owned and operated the shop. We certainly knew to behave ourselves in there, or else.

55 Years of your Life in a Capsule:

Marriage followed graduation with two children soon thereafter. Dave joined the military so we lived in Texas for several years. Came back to Holton to live. We separated about two years later and I then moved to Grand Rapids for more jobs opportunities. Raised the children, continued my education and work as accountant for several different firms until I founded Benton Tax Accounting in 1984. My daughter, Dena, joined the firm as full partner in 1992. I remained single during these years. I met Ron in 1996 and we married in 1999. Ron had just taken his retirement following 35 year as a Doctor in Education at Eastern MI University. We both loved the traveling we did until his terminal cancer was diagnosed in 2004 which he fought hard for three years, but passed away in October of 2007. I'm still working the business but hope to retire in the near future. I have a year round cottage in Irons that I would love to spend more time at with my family. I'm very proud of my two children; Dena is of course my business partner and best friend. She and her husband Duane have three children, Heather who is in nursing with one son, Amber who now has her degree in education, and son Ryan has his degree in chemical science. My son Larry has a very successful business and he and his wife Heather live in Byron Center with Larry's son Alec born in 1997 and daughter Lillee. Heather works for Steelcase as a design engineer. Larry's business is a large trucking firm with warehousing facilities.

In which cities have you lived?

Muskegon, Fremont, San Antonio, Texas, Holton, MI, Grand Rapids, and Wayland.

If you could build a second house, an ideal home, where would you build it?

No other place. I loved my farm land.

How many family members still live within 50 miles of Fremont?

All except grandson Ryan in CO.

Most interesting job:

In 1971 I went to work as Office Manager for Kawasaki Midwest.

Most boring job:

Accountant for Sales Organization in Grand Rapids.

Should you live elsewhere, would you consider moving back to the Fremont area?


If retired, what did you retire from in your "productive" years?

As of Jan. 2, 2017 I finally retired from our Benton Tax Accounting partnership. I also sold my farm rather sad to leave it, but the change has been great. I now live in a Condo in Byron Center and love walking down to Houseman's Icecream and of course the Kent Trails right by the hotel which covers about 22 miles connecting with other Kent County areas. Beautiful trails.

What do you do in your spare time?

What little time I have, I still travel at least two times a year. Have various time shares so most travel is to Florida, Hawaii, So. Carolina, Mexico, Vegas, etc. I sold my cottage in Oct. of 2012 which I miss, but less work at upkeep. My grand-daughter Amber and I traveled to Europe for 3 weeks in 2012. At great experience...loved the history.

Favorite teacher(s) at FHS:

Mentioned earlier...Mr. Kraai

Favorite sport(s):

Our (family & friends) annual backyard olympics.

Favorite food:


Favorite music:

Jazz & classical

Interesting people you have met:

I recently (2018-2019) worked with a private investigator in a legal matter for one of my tax clients. He is a retired State Police Officer and now has his own PI firm. He has written two books which are both called "Getting the Truth". The first one covers the O.J. Simpson interrogation and trial which he was requested to analyize by the Prosecutors. The second book is to reveal the identity of the case of C.D. Cooper who was the guy that parachuted from a plane out of Portland, Oregon with the $200,000. Interesting reads.

Number of pairs of shoes in your closet?

Well, Ron would always say that we needed an extra suitcase for my shoes alone.

Number (approx) of emails that you receive in a month?


Have you ever seen anyone born?


Have you ever been on television?


Can the car(s) you drive be described as "SUV", "Hybrid", "Sports Car" or "Sedan"?

Cadillac SRX

What inscription would you like on your tombstone?

Known for kindness of heart & spirit.

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Happy Birthday Lauretta, hope you are well & happy. Give me a call sometime. 616-204-8995.

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Hey there birthday girl, hope you celebrate royally. Contact me if you would like to chat.
616-204-8995 or Take Care. Happy Birthday.

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Happy Birthday Sharon.

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