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11/01/21 05:20 PM #3    


Sharon Smith (Gibson) (1961)


Obituary Link:
Survived By: His wife: Ruby Olvera 2 sons: Frank Olvera, Eugene Olvera 5 grandchildren: Eugene, Ariana, Eric, Elektra and Mckenna.


09/03/22 05:51 PM #4    

Sue McGroarty (Simonson) (1971)


09/04/22 10:10 AM #5    

Gary A. Schell (1983)

Hello this is gary schell fullerton high school graduate 1983 are we planning onhaving a 40th class reunion

11/30/22 08:07 PM #6    

Karen B. Struve (Morris) (1963)

FUHS 60th Reunion, Class of 1963

March 24, 25 of 2023

Spread the word!

We're having trouble finding these classmates:

Ilse Johnstone, Janet Malone, Kathryn (Kash) Jones, Art Nava,  Danny Hernandez, Sue Smith

If you have any information on the following classmates, please contact me, Karen Struve Morris, at 719-377-1500 or

12/01/22 10:11 AM #7    

Phyllis Aeschliman Shedroff (Shedroff) (1958)

 I'm  wondering if anyone knows where Bob (Robert) Simpson is? I think he was in the class of 1956, phyllis aeschliman shedroff,





12/01/22 10:13 AM #8    

Tom Bates (1956)

Sorry to report that Dan McNamara, class of 1956, died on November 22 in Carmel, California.

12/02/22 11:33 AM #9    

Roswitha Mollich (Weiniger) (1960)

I went to the senior class of 1958 (FHS wrote '60 - a mistake)  Do we ever have a reunion?

roswitha Mollich Weiniger

01/12/23 12:50 PM #10    

Shelley Wiseman (1968)

Does anyone have information about Charlotte Newton, class of 1968? She was a friend, but I didn't stay in touch and she hasn't appeared at our reunions or online, as far as I can tell.


Shelley Wiseman

01/13/23 06:49 AM #11    


Mark Strait (1977)

I found a marriage notification for Charlotte J Newton in the California, U.S., Marriage Index, 1960-1985 to David G Baretti, 9 July 1973, in Orange County California.  Both were listed as being 22 years old.  I am not sure if this is her.

01/14/23 11:31 AM #12    

Shelley Wiseman (1968)

Thank you, Mark! This is better than nothing, and it sounds like it could be her.


01/14/23 12:56 PM #13    

Roger Philips (1963)

Any contact information on Bill Moore class of 1962?  We were good buddies and I lost track of him. Thanks, Roger Philips class of 63.

01/14/23 07:13 PM #14    

Cheryl Crispino (Gill) (1964)

Was he in the Philips family that had 4 boys? If he was, I think I can get in touch with his brother, Tom Philips, class of 1965. He was ASB president and married Susan Madley, class of 1964. Please let me know. I can get in touch with Susan.
Cheryl Crispino Gill
class of 1964

01/15/23 07:19 AM #15    


Craig Mathews (1967)

Two members of are group have passed on (Charles Boatright and Randy Szajna).  Another member was Bob Wicker. His family were doing midget racers.  Does anybody know what happened to him?  He's Class of 1967.

01/15/23 07:26 AM #16    


Craig Mathews (1967)

Another question: another buddy is from Class of 1965, Fred Montgomery.  Last location was Yorba Linda and he was working for school district in maintenance.  Wondering if he was doing good last to letters were unanswered or returned (can't remember which).

01/15/23 07:57 AM #17    


Mark Strait (1977)


Not sure if this is the Bill Moore being searched for?

Name: Bill G Moore
Birth Date: Mar 1945
Residence Date: 1973-2020
Address: 23611 Dane CT
Residence: Laguna Niguel, California, USA
Postal Code: 92677

03/21/23 09:54 AM #18    

Waldo Ortega (1955)


I am trying to locate Sonny or Alfred Owens or Walter Morris


waldo ortega 949-463-1585 


03/22/23 04:26 AM #19    


Duane S. Foster (1958)

Possible for Alfred Owens

Last known Address: 454 West Hill, Fullerton,CA 

DOB: April 1939


Found on

03/22/23 11:52 AM #20    


Andy Niedzwiecke (1961)

Just lookin' for anyone I went to Fullerton with.  I'm now living in Oregon and still here, thank goodness.


Andy Niedzwieckke (class of 1961).

04/12/23 05:36 PM #21    

Kathy Boeker (Myers) (1973)

FUHS Class of 1973 will be having their 50th Reunion on Saturday, October 7, 2023.  More info to follow.  If interested, please contact Kathy Boeker Myers at

05/23/23 08:27 AM #22    

Anne Daniells (Tappe) (1979)

1979 45th Reunion Kick off Meeting.

AGENDA for May 31 ZOOM, 6 pm Pacific time.....

1. Narrow down 1-2 dates/weekends, and

2. Narrow down locations to investigate (based on style of event—that will be part of the discussion)

That’s it! If you cannot attend, feel free to send preferred weekend dates in April/May 2024. And if you have a good idea of locations, feel free to post some ideas.

“See” you soon. Zoom link is here


05/27/23 10:44 PM #23    

Mary Knaus (Sampson) (1963)

If anyone knows what became of Pamela Booz, let me know. I lost touch with her shortly after graduation. She was a year behind me. I'm class of '63 & she was in '64.

11/27/23 02:25 PM #24    

Anne Daniells (Tappe) (1979)

CLASS of 1979 45th Reunion

Saturday, April 20, 2024, Orange County Mining Company, 5-10 p.m.

Contact: for details. Then, the best information will be sent via email and made available on the FB group page: Fullerton Union High School Class of 1979.




11/28/23 10:51 AM #25    

Roger Leece (1979)

Thanks Anne! I'm going to start planning the trip now. Hopefully I can pull it off. Talk more later. 

Roger Leece

11/29/23 09:13 AM #26    

Nancy "Anne" Langston (Earl) (1959)

Hi Roger. You sent your response about the class of '79 reunion to the wrong Anne.  I'm Anne Earl, nee Nancy Anne Langston, class of '59.

Take care, and have a good time!



11/29/23 11:33 AM #27    

Robert Levoit (1974)

Class of 1974!  Time for our big reunion. Anyone planning our 50th get together?  Let's make it happen!

Bob Levoit in New York


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