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01/04/10 10:54 PM #1    

Lynda Clem (Overman)

Hi! Ho!

Thank you for all your work renioun committee. I think that mid-June is a good time to meet. Meeting over holiday weekends have advantages. Memorial day weekend or Labor Day is also good.

Folks here in the midwest usually have family renioun in July....and Marv's family reniuon is planned for then at my house :)....

I have throughly enjoyed the renioun's I have made. I love any excuse to dance or do Kareokee( not spelled right).

Most of our spouses don't know know each other and many of us have lost touch. For that reason a mingling game might be fun....

For events for large groups that I have planned I have found that people do better if they know the have programs outlining the basic game plan for the night.

I would be happy to help if I was there....but if you want me to help long distance with something ask away!

Marv and I will stay in a hotel having no family in Galt...but just let us know when and where and we will make arrangements....

I plan on sending a check for the sight as soon as we are paid.

Thank you, thank you...Kathy, Mel and Anne I recognized your all have not changed!

02/20/10 03:51 PM #2    

Melody Frantson (Parks)

A sad message we just got in....Joe Andrade was in an accident at work and is on life support. They are expected to take him off tomorrow...pray for his family. He's at Kaiser South.

02/25/10 03:42 AM #3    

Mark Ford

Greetings Friends from the past!
I am encouraged to see the updates from so many of our class. At the same time, I am crushed by the number of those no longer with us. Bless you, Melanie, for working so hard to not only keep us all up to date, but for the lovely words of remembrance that you have posted on so many of our lost classmates.

My best to all! I look forward to communicating with you all and hope to make the reunion.

My best and blessings to all,

03/04/10 10:27 PM #4    

Vicky Lawrence (Recanzone)

I enjoy all the pictures that are posted of the committe, but it would be great if some names were listed so I can tell who is who...It has been way to long since I have seen all of you. Same with the pictures from the memorial. I hope to be able to attend the reunion this year.

03/05/10 03:12 PM #5    

William Kern

Class of 70 motorcycle riders,let's meet and ride to the reunion. How many of you STILL ride? How many midlife crisis bikers are there.Still in the wind in 2010.Bill Kern, MESSENGERS MC CENTRAL SIERRA.

04/01/10 09:55 PM #6    

John Coote

Why are there not current pictures of classmates? I stepped out , now it's your turn?? come on, it's only fair!

06/27/10 11:19 AM #7    

Ramona Maestretti (Garrett)

   Hi to All,

 Sorry to say we'll be unable to attend the Reunion, as the Seasons are changing and Mexico calls.. The warm winds are blowing and its time to raise the sails, and poing the boat south.

 Randy and I can be contacted thru our web-site at  as we travel.

 We'll be thinking of all of you in our Journeys, Keep us in your Prayers..

  Randy & Ramona Garrett aboard SV/R3


07/21/10 03:25 PM #8    

Melody Frantson (Parks)

Hey Warrior Alumni....DON'T FORGET to send in your reservations for September looks to be a great evening you won't want to miss!!!!

04/01/12 06:26 PM #9    

Jane Reeves (Endress)

Hello everyone, I have been in Galt for the last 11 days, I wanted to see some of my classmates, but was not luckey enough. Leaving today to head back to Maine. I was sad to see how Galt has changed..A few places I did remember as they were in the old days...God Bless you all.....Jane Reeves

06/03/14 04:20 PM #10    

Mike Kaminski

Hey Paul:

Becky and I will be on vacation that week. Don't know if you remember but I am a Michigander and your stinking Giants swept my Tigers in one of those WS. Can you tell I'm still not over it? LOL!  Enjoy your stay and we"ll catch up with you at the 45th!  Mike

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