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01/12/15 07:29 AM #5    

Jane Ward

Yes! May this show of unity continue throughout the world on Earth.


01/12/15 09:07 AM #6    

Robert Stewart

"Je suis Charlie" has been the Battle Cry for the past several days, first in France and then all over the world. The paper Charlie Hebdo is known in France for its satire, caricature, irreverence, all done with humor and without maliciousness. One must understand that one of the basic values of France is called laicité, which means secularity (an absolute division of religion(s) and State, followed by freedom of speech and expression. Charlie Hebdo did not direct its caricatures towards any one group. Catholics have been offended, Jews have been offended, Moslims have been offended, politicians have been offended. As the Charlie Hebdo team rightly stated, "on peut ridiculiser le ridicule, one can ridicule the ridiculous". Regretfully, many Moslims, and the fanatics in particuler, lack a sense of humor. Charlie Hebdo was marked specifically by ISIS/Daesh. Little did they realize that the results of their attack would bring about the exact opposite of what they expected. This has opened the eyes of the French population to the dangers of being lax with fanaticism, and for the first time the French Moslims, of which there are some 6m, are understanding that they, too, must openly support France and be counted as French citizens. For the first time we saw groups of young French of North African origin, holding the flags of their countries of origin, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, singing La Marseillaise.

There were nearly 4m people in the streets yesterday across France, with 1,5m in Paris alone. The entire day passed in relative silence with no violence at all. This had not been seen since  the liberation of Paris during WW II.

Happy New Year to all!

Bob Stewart

01/13/15 11:06 AM #7    


Cindy Planer (Chavis)


Thanks Bob Stewart!

I appreciate the information you have shared !  Many of us who do not completely understand (because every paper and TV station has a different take on what is going on in France)...would greatly appreciate your keeping us updated!

01/13/15 02:45 PM #8    


Barbara "Bobbye" Lockett (Ford)

Bob, I was happy to hear the magazine continue to do business even after being attacked... some news organization interviewed a person in the street... I LOVED what they said:  Something like:  "I HATED the magazine but I want the magazine to continue doing business so I can CONTINUE to hate it."  Freedom of the press is so important. " je suis charlie"

Be safe my friend!! These are trying times. Bobbye

01/13/15 08:21 PM #9    

Wanda "Kay" Bridges

Bob, Thanks for your take on this issue....a view we would not otherwise hear . Stay safe and hope to see you stateside in June.   Je suis Charlie!!??. KayB

01/14/15 09:26 AM #10    

Marcia Sugg

Thanks for your input, Bob.  I've been thinking about you and wondering how things are in Paris.  I'm thankful to be retired with my feet on the ground!  "Je suis Charlie."

Stay safe!!!!







01/16/15 09:30 AM #11    

Robert Stewart

Hi Marcia,

Thanks for your message. All is well here, although it has been a very sad week for the French society. The funeral for Charb, the Director of Charlie Hebdo, was held today. It went on for two hours and was very moving. Other funerals have already been held in the past days.

John Kerry is here today "eating humble pie", trying to come up with plausible excuses to the French for not having joined the other world leaders on the march on Sunday.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, of course, and there was a report a couple of hours ago that there was a new hostage situation taking place in a post office one of the suburbs just outside of Paris. Numerous arrests were made yesterday in Belgium, and also in the Paris area.

Still life goes on as before. I am sure that you remember your flying days, especially in the '80s, when there was a lot of tension about hijackings. I spent a lot of time flying around the Middle East in those years, and carrying a US passport was not the best choice. You get used to it, but you become perhaps a bit more vigilent. Paris is still a safe city, but there are areas that I would avoid late at night. But then again, I think there are areas in Charlotte that I would avoid late at night:).

I look forward to seeing you at the reunion.


02/01/15 04:10 PM #12    

Nova Hamrick (Lewis)

Bob,  Thanks for your comments.  We may not agree with everything the magazine printed, but we all agree that freedom of speech is one of the mainstays of democracy.  Sounds like you have led an interesting life.  Congratulations!  Hope to see you at the reunion.


Nova Hamrick Lewis



02/03/15 10:06 AM #13    

Payton "Randy" Lewis

Bob, I too spent a lot of time outside the US flying in places that give you cause and it is amazing how that experience changes the perspective of how I look at our country. We are and have been the cause of most of our own problems, and unless you saw them being caused by us, you would not hear about it. I was in places where we caused things to happened, and to hear the news, the bad guys did what we had done. When we hear about a mistake like the missed march in Paris, as you know, they are the rare ones. Republican or Democrat, Fox or CNN we just don’t know, but we make judgments based around that lack of information.

Randy Lewis

02/04/15 10:58 AM #14    

Michael Payne

Like a lot of you, I have had experience in third world countries and each time, I was happy to return to the USA regardless of our problems both here and around the world.  One of my most recent experiences was in Liberia before the EBOLA outbreak and the way of life there is horrible compared to any other place I have been. It is not hard to see why people like these extreme millitants can go in to a country to brainwash and recruit struggling people to their cause. May God continue to bless the USA.

03/06/15 02:52 PM #15    


Barbara "Bobbye" Lockett (Ford)

FOR THOSE OF THOSE WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED:  Margaret Isley Brown is in Alaska following the "Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race" ... live..... right now... races actually begin tomorrow.  She is posting her progress on Facebook.  (This photo was taken at the Mushers' Banquet last night.)  If you are on Facebook read and enjoy her adventure.  Looks like she will be able to post each daywhere internet connections are available.


03/07/15 02:42 PM #16    


Cindy Planer (Chavis)

This is so exciting!   A once in a lifetime experinece!  I am so happy for her!!!!!


03/08/15 09:30 PM #17    


Katherine Sanders (Partlow)

Way to go Margaret!  Enjoy and travel safely!  Katherine Sanders Partlow 

04/30/15 12:24 PM #18    


Bruce Kincaid

I so looked foward to seeing my old Ashley friends but we will be in Caribou,Maine for our grandsons graduation on the 24th.of june.Then back in July to see our oldest grandson before he deploys to Afganistan after a 10 day leave.

05/14/15 02:29 PM #19    

Jennie Thomas (Stultz)

David and I are counting the days until we see everyone at our 50th Reunion!  The committee has done a fantastic job of putting an exciting and memorable weekend together.  If you haven't signed up to come, don't hesitate.  I want to dance with everybody!!!  Well, maybe not with the girls....but who knows??????

Love, Jennie

05/15/15 08:12 AM #20    

Payton "Randy" Lewis

I have a '55 Ford with the back floor board rusted out. If you have some pink shoes... Doris and I will give you and David a ride to the prom. I can't wait to see you.



06/07/15 04:43 PM #21    


Barbara "Bobbye" Lockett (Ford)

Well, we are 5 days away from our 50th Ashley High School Class reunion...5 days and counting.... looking forward to seeing everyone.  We, your reunion committee,  have had such a wonderful time planning this reunion and I know you will enjoy the plans made for your pleasure and enjoyment.  We feel as though we have already had quite a reunion planning and working together to make this an event to be proud of!!!

If you  have a photo to share or a special football program to display, etc, etc. please feel free to bring it to share as we will have a "Memory Table" set up for you to display on.  If possible please bring a photo copy so we won't worry if something happens to it.  (Personal note from me:  Brenda Rainwater Leatherman who was a tumbler on bandfront has offered to bring her tumbler uniform... I cannot wait to see it.... mine disappeared many years ago. Brenda, this is going to be such a walk down memory lane for me.  Any majorettes got a uniform too???)

Some last minute details:  We will have Tammy Cantrell, professional photographer, available to take photos for three hours Saturday night.  We are not sure yet what time she will suggest our group photo be taken.  She is going to scout out the facility this week and determine best time for photo Saturday night at the Conference Center.  If she reports in to us I'll keep you posted.  Also, Tammy will shoot some photos at the Loray Mill tour for the Gaston Gazette so put on your best smile. 

Lucy Penegar, who has been instrumental in making Loray Mill a resurrected historic property, will be guiding our tour at 10:30 on Saturday.  We cannot thank her enough for coming out to meet our group for the tour.  I think you will enjoy seeing the loft apartments now available for residents.

Happy Days are here again!!! Bobbye




06/11/15 06:17 AM #22    


Barbara "Bobbye" Lockett (Ford)

Rankin Lake Park Sign pictured below as well as a photo of the clubhouse.  Once you see the entrance sign, continue on the road as pictured below.  Parking is available at the foot of the steps to the clubhouse.

Look forward to seeing everyone coming to the Friday night BarBQ!!


TRanking Lake Park entrance sign

06/06/16 01:46 PM #23    

Vicky Boyd (Craig)

So sad to hear Ellie Smith Hoddinott passing away, Mike and I along with our girls spent a weekend with her and Jeff years ago.  Such a gracious and sweet person.  I am sure she will be greatly missed.


06/13/16 06:56 AM #24    


Ronald Feuer

Thanks for the B-Day wishes Bobbye!  Keta and I are doing well as another year comes to pass.  Regards to you and Rusty...Ron Feuer

09/26/16 08:15 AM #25    


Barbara "Bobbye" Lockett (Ford)

I contacted Alfred Grigg who lives at Ashley Arms. He says at this time there are no plans for Ashley to be a part of a Christmas tour of homes.  If that changes he promised to contact me. Bobbye

I attempted to respond to your email address you used to contact me and it came back "invalid email address"  .... so I will attempt to contact you on here.  Bobbye





01/02/17 02:11 PM #26    

Kay Fouts (Cooke)

Happy 2017 to all. We are so excited--my husband Richard  is going to retire and that means we will be free to do some travelilng. I plan on one of my frist trips to come to Gastonia to collect a large amount of RO's BBQ sauce ( maybe a winter's supply ??) I promise you that no matter how much time passes,  RO's remains one of my favorite places.

01/03/17 03:04 PM #27    


Barbara "Bobbye" Lockett (Ford)

Oh Kay, so happy Richard is going to retire... We're having so much fun I don't know how we ever worked... Aren't we lucky! Happy new year 2017! Bobbye Lockett Ford 🎉

07/13/21 08:43 AM #28    

Nancy Long (Byers)

Please make note of my maiden name change:  Nancy Long Byers, not Nancy Byers Byers. Please correct if possibe. Thanks and blessings to all.

12/17/21 11:21 AM #29    

Nancy Long (Byers)

I appreciate the note about the 55-56 year reunion. I am so sorry I missed it. I like the idea of having a  yearly get together in September or October. That way we can stay in touch. 

Thank you for your updates and hope to hear from you soon.

Blessings to all,

Nancy Long Byers

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