Missing Classmates

Do you know how to reach any of the following classmates?  We do not have their address, phone number or e-mail address... OR, we may have found an address and/or phone number through various methods, but have received no response, so can't be sure... OR we've tried through ClassMates.com without response. 

Carolyn Blackburn
Karen Davis
Dave Derrer
Gwendolyn Dike
Margaretta Dike
Carolyn Everett
Carrie Fisher
Teresa Foutch
Dennis Franklin
Kitty Geehan
Charles Hansen
Gwen Harris
Karen Jones
Cheryl Lizee
Lynne Maeshiro
Paula Miller
Robert Pudwill
Robert Rouse
Debra Sheimo
Marilyn Spooner
Mary Stewart
Frances Tejano
John Thornton
Val Winters
Kathie Zastrow

Guest Members

William Witt